Texas Real Estate Trends

Keep up to date with all things real estate in the lone star state and find out what is trending to develop and grow in your real estate career.

In December 2017, Midland was the 18th hottest real estate market. In January 2018, Midland jumped to the 5th spot.
Looks like Taylor Swift has some Bad Blood with one of her real estate agents. Swift was recently served with a lawsuit after a dispute over agency representation.
For real estate agents, describing oneself in a cleverly enticing bio can be as easy as coming up with the perfect listing.
Knowing where Millennials are moving can give agents an edge in cities that are attracting young buyers.
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Spring means a fresh start. Make over your social media and watch your referrals grow faster than the bluebonnets.
In the world of real estate, past clients are your secret weapon. Word-of-mouth makes up a sizable chunk of marketing efforts.
Real estate agents need time to themselves between showings. Here are nine hilariously relatable YouTube videos for your next break.
ICON’s houses are 3D printed from a custom blend of cement in the span of only 12 to 24 hours.
Trailers are trendy now, y'all.
HQ2 would increase the cost of renting by 0.8-1.0%. Low income renters are most at risk of being displaced if Amazon chooses Austin.
"Work hard every day no matter how hard it may get. Plant the seeds and nurture them until they are ready to bloom." - Kunal Singapura

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