Kunal Singapura: Aceable Agent of the Week

Kunal Singapura, Dallas - Commercial

How long have you been in the industry and how did you first get started in real estate?

I have been in the industry now for almost 7 years. I got my start by meeting a mutual friend who saw potential in me to be a great asset for their brokerage as a hedge fund underwriter.

What's your favorite real estate catchphrase or words to live by?

Never stop learning or taking every opportunity that comes your way to further your career.

What's the most interesting or most important thing you've learned in a real estate continuing education course?

I’ve learned that you need to continue taking CE to stay up to date and knowledgeable on the rules and regulations of the state. I’ve learned that with an ever-changing world, our regulations and rules we need to adhere to will continue to change.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment during your time in real estate?

My greatest accomplishment in real estate was being able to help my friends sell their beach house in San Diego, CA. I was able to find an investor to not only purchase the property for the future value of the land, but also work into the deal my friends who owned the property and were contractors. They were the contracting company that Developed a single family home into multiple condos with a much higher value.

What is the trait you most admire in other real estate agents or brokers?

I admire many of my fellow agents and brokers for their ability to be persistent and their perseverance. It takes a strong person to continue working to build a business on their own for themselves.

What advice do you have for new agents who are just starting out in the business?

Don’t ever give up, continue to work hard every day no matter how hard it may get. You must plant the seeds and nurture them until they are ready to bloom.


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