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This overview will let you know what to expect from the Promulgated Contract Forms course specifically. Many students save Promulgated Contract Forms for last because it provides some of the most hands-on application of concepts you learn in your pre-license courses. Still, it serves as a stand-alone guide to the required forms you will fill out in Texas real estate transactions. Let’s go over a few of the key topics the course will cover.
Law of contracts covers both the basics and intricacies of contract law in Texas real estate. Let’s look at what that covers and how essential it is for your real estate career.
Wondering how much the Pennsylvania exam costs are? We’re going to breakdown the costs for you so you will know exactly what payments to expect for your Pennsylvania salesperson exam and your licensure process.
Each TREC-approved real estate education program is made up of six 30-hour courses. Let’s talk about what you’ll find in the Law of Agency course.
You can do just about everything from your phone, tablet, or computer. Why not get your real estate license the same way? Getting your Texas real estate license online is fast, easy, and reputable in the “real world” of real estate.
Needing some key tips and tricks to help you ace your pre-licensing exam? Take a look at what our real estate experts have to say about learning everything and anything real estate in Pennsylvania.
Ready to get your Virginia real estate license? Your first step will be to take a pre-license course that is approved by the Virginia Real Estate Board. Take a deeper look into what Aceable Real Estate School has to offer!
Each TREC-approved real estate education program is made up of six courses. Each course takes 30 classroom hours to complete. Take a brief look at what our real estate course has to offer!
Are you a newly licensed Texas real estate agent wondering when you need to renew your license? Here is all you need to know on maintaining your active real estate license.
Wanting to start your real estate career in Georgia? Take a deeper dive into what our course looks like and what to expect when taking the 75 hour course!
So you have your Georgia real estate license. You’ve been selling houses, getting commissions, and generally doing an awesome job. Now it’s time to renew your license. What do you need to know?
What in TAR-nation Is TREC?
December 09, 2019
If you are a newly licensed real estate professional or investigating real estate as a career path in Texas, you won’t get very far down the road without knowing the difference between the Texas Real Estate Commission and Texas Association of Realtors.
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