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Life As A Real Estate Agent

Is Now The Time To Be A Real Estate Agent? Active Agents Say Yes!

It’s no secret that the real estate market is shifting in 2023 and 2024. Read what seasoned agents have to say about the current market and how it's still a great time to be an agent.

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Life As A Real Estate Agent

Women are Dominating the Real Estate Industry. Here’s Why They Love Their Career.

We surveyed over 600 women who are actively involved in the American real estate industry. Here is what women in real estate have to say about joining the industry.

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Life As A Real Estate Agent

5 Reasons Why Gen Z Women are Flocking to Careers in Real Estate

As Generation Z enters the workforce, they are disrupting industries from coast to coast. But there’s one industry that feels tailor-made for Gen Z: real estate!

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Realtor License Information

What the NAR Settlement Means for Real Estate Agents

This is an ongoing development in 2024. Currently, the NAR has reached a settlement that will change how real estate agents receive commissions. Not to worry, our market experts believe that the settlement will change very little in practice. Buyer's agents are still going to be essential to real estate transactions.

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Real Estate Continuing Education

The Definitive Guide to Paying Taxes as a Real Estate Agent

Income tax returns are a complicated business. And they’re even more complex for real estate agents because of the myriad of business expenses agents incur in the line of duty.

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