The Real Estate Career Resource Center

Looking to grow your career in real estate? Let Aceable Real Estate School help you reach for your full potential! Utilize our career center for your steps on how to move up in your real estate career today!

Whether you are already a licensed agent or just now considering a career in real estate, this page has everything you need to establish and grow your business.

Real estate is rewarding and flexible work. It can be a full-time or part-time job, and it is more than just sales. Finding the perfect solution for your clients and buyers is both lucrative and fulfilling.

Looking to get your license? Our career center is beaming with content written by seasoned experts and will guide you through obtaining a real estate license and becoming an agent and broker.

Life As a Real Estate Agent

From open houses to closings, every day is different when you are a real estate agent. Here’s what you should know about what roles and responsibilities real estate agents have during the home buying process and beyond.
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Since being a real estate agent is like having your own business, you’re responsible for your overall success! This means handling diverse workloads consisting of administrative tasks to networking to buying and selling. Let’s go over some important skills to have to succeed.
How much do you think it costs to become a licensed Texas real estate agent? If you said $1,000, you’re definitely in the ballpark. Real estate school and licensing includes costs and fees, so the more prepared you are, the better.

Real Estate School & Licensing

How much does it cost to get your real estate license and how long does it take? The process is different for each state and we can walk you through the process from start to finish.
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Real Estate Brokers & Brokerages

Once you have a few years of real estate experience, you’re eligible to get your brokerage license. Learn more about what brokerages are, what they do, and what this means for you and your career.
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Are you curious about how to become a real estate broker in Michigan? Becoming a broker requires a little more education and experience than becoming a real estate salesperson, but it has the distinct benefits of allowing you to work completely independently and allowing you to hire your own real estate agents.
A career in real estate can be quite lucrative. According to Glassdoor, the median real estate salary in Texas can be as high as $100,000. Check out your full potential in becoming a Realtor in Texas.

REALTOR® License Information

A licensed Realtor has access to more resources and networks than a real estate agent. Learn more about what those resources are and how to become a licensed Realtor in your state.
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Real Estate Continuing Education

Whether you have questions about real estate license renewal or trying to find a course for professional development, Continuing Education courses are a necessary part of a career in real estate.
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Before you reach the expiration date on your license, you’ll need to complete 45 hours of continuing education that’s been approved by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). The courses you have to take depend on the type of license you have and whether you’re renewing for the first time.