5 Tips for Helping Your Clients on Moving Day

The U.S. Census Bureau found that in 2017 43% of people who moved did so for housing-related reasons. Unless you’re working with investors, your clients fall into that category.

Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but many people find moving is equally bad for their blood pressure. Go the extra mile for your clients by making the moving process a little easier.

Put Together a Moving Referral List for Clients

One of the benefits of working in real estate is you get to know a lot of home service providers, including movers, cleaners, etc. But you also have another resource you can tap to create a list of moving services - your past clients.

Send out an email to all of your past clients asking them what providers they used during their move and how they felt about the quality of the service. Here’s the beauty of this idea for your business. Asking for feedback not only provides recommendations for your list, it also gives you a reason to touch base with clients and maybe get a few referrals for yourself.

Get Them a Closing Gift That Makes the Process Easier or Less Expensive

You can use your closing gift as a way help make moving day less of a hassle. A moving kit from U-haul, Home Depot, etc. is a great gift idea that can help clients get the packing process started. A gift card to a store with moving supplies is another way to make moving less burdensome.

Have a Meal Delivered on Moving Day

Moving day can be chaotic, and despite needing extra energy, food is sometimes an afterthought. Not to mention, the entire kitchen is packed up in boxes.

If you want to win serious brownie points, have a meal delivered on moving day for your clients and their moving crew. You can’t go wrong with popular crowd-pleasers like pizza and subs. Just let your client know a day in advance that you plan to have a meal delivered so you can find out if anyone has food allergies or specialty diets.

Help Clients Estimate Moving Expenses Early On

Moving is one of the expenses many buyers and sellers forget to factor into their budget. But once the ball is rolling on a transaction, they’ll have to come up with the funds to haul everything to the next location.

Helping clients estimate moving costs early on in the process can be a huge help. That way clients aren’t taken by surprise and can plan in advance. A moving estimation worksheet is also another value-add resource you can offer to set yourself apart from other agents.

Help Clients Spread the Word About a Garage Sale

Any moving professional will tell you it’s best to purge before you pack. For many people that means having a garage sale.

If a client plans to have a garage sale before moving offer to help them spread the word. Fire up those social media accounts and leverage your real estate agent marketing skills . Let your followers know when and where they can get in on the garage sale action as well as some big ticket items that will draw attention.

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