Texas Real Estate Trends

Keep up to date with all things real estate in the lone star state and find out what is trending to develop and grow in your real estate career.

Principles I lays out more foundational real estate concepts and Principles II gets into more complex concepts. Tackle on the next level with ease in understanding the fundamental principles to success in your real estate career.
Law of contracts covers both the basics and intricacies of contract law in Texas real estate. Let’s look at what that covers and how essential it is for your real estate career.
The TREC requirements for an approved real estate education program include six courses.Real Estate Finance covers the basics of financing that are essential for real estate professionals to know. This overview will let you know what to expect from the Real Estate Finance course.
Each TREC-approved real estate education program is made up of six 30-hour courses. Let’s talk about what you’ll find in the Law of Agency course.
If you’re thinking it’s a great time to become a real estate agent in San Antonio, you’re not wrong! Check out these San Antonio real estate trends for 2020.
Thinking about becoming a Houston real estate agent? Curious what the market is going to look like next year in the Bayou City? Take a look and some of these trends for Houston Texas in 2020!
As a real estate agent, one of your top priorities is staying on top of market trends. This is true for every area but especially Austin, TX, because Austin is undergoing many economic changes. Find out more on the new year trends for Austin in 2020.
Like the rest of the economy, the housing market has its ups and downs. Read more on how the Texas economy faired better than the real estate collapse.
You can do just about everything from your phone, tablet, or computer. Why not get your real estate license the same way? Getting your Texas real estate license online is fast, easy, and reputable in the “real world” of real estate.
Each TREC-approved real estate education program is made up of six courses. Each course takes 30 classroom hours to complete. Take a brief look at what our real estate course has to offer!
Are you a newly licensed Texas real estate agent wondering when you need to renew your license? Here is all you need to know on maintaining your active real estate license.
Does “everything’s bigger in Texas” apply to real estate agent salaries, too? Find out how salaries compare in Texas to the rest of the country by investing into your real estate career!

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