9 Funniest YouTube Videos About Real Estate

Every job requires a little time for a YouTube break. Sometimes you just need to take a little breather, have a moment away from the daily grind and turn to one of the greatest inventions of our time: YouTube. It’s the ultimate agent of workday de-stressing.

In this case, real estate agents need time to themselves between showings or meticulously reading through complicated paperwork. These nine relatable YouTube videos, which are in no particular order, will leave realtors laughing while also admitting that they’re painfully true.

1. The Funniest Real Estate Video Tour

Why does this look like the makings of a contestant’s backstory on “The Bachelorette”? Sure, the place looks appealing, but let’s admit that the most appealing thing about this video is the hilarious, cute, reality TV dating-ready agent.

2. The Glamorous Life of a Real Estate Agent

Because as glamorous and exciting as it may sound, real estate agents also have some not-so-glamorous tasks and duties to complete. Hence the YouTube binge break.

3. The Really Real Realtor

Realtors will watch this clip from “Ellen” and absolutely lose it laughing at the idea of this behavior at an open house or showing. Imagine being able to sing “Chandelier” by Sia at the top of your lungs while showing people the fireplace.

4. Reasons to Work with a Real Estate Agent

This video is a wild ride from start to finish, a true roller-coaster ranging from LOL-worthy to cringe-worthy, as is tradition with the best of the best in YouTube videos.

5. How Kids See Real Estate

General rule: if you want to make something even funnier, just add kids. They do, after all, say the darndest things. In this video, young kids attempt to discuss real estate and the result is amazing.

6. Open House

Listen, open houses can be a blast. They provide you with a chance to network, connect, and even flex your decorating muscles sometimes. That’s great. But other times, they can seem like a desert or a constant ambush of people, and both scenarios are a whole lot to deal with.

7. Things Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers Wish They Could Say

Admit it: you’ve wanted to say – or at least thought! – one of these things at some point or another.

8. John Mulaney - Real Estate

At least John Mulaney appreciates the difficult tasks of “true heroes” aka real estate agents. “House Hunters” is a real estate agent’s nightmare.

9. The Crazy Buyer

Speaking of nightmares, this sketch goes above and beyond to describe a real estate agent’s scariest, but also most absurdly hilarious nightmare scenario. If it weren’t so funny, it’d be kind of terrifying.


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