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Take a look at the hottest real estate markets in Virginia today and see how the shifting economy might affect them.
Proptech has come a long way since the pandemic forced us to adapt to life online. Here is the tech every real estate agent should use in 2022.
When you become a luxury real estate agent in New York, you’ll enjoy a lifestyle most people only dream of. Here’s how to break into this exclusive market.
Taking your real estate course online from Aceable lets you work more efficiently and costs less than traditional classroom courses.
Growing populations mean a higher demand for housing. The five fastest-growing cities in New York offer big opportunities for real estate agents!
The real estate market in Michigan continues to strengthen in 2022. Here’s a look at some of the fastest-growing cities and this year's top trends.
The summer season brings higher prices and faster sales to the housing market. Here’s what you can expect from the summer market and how to capitalize on it.
Co-listing can be a win for both agents and for the home seller. Here’s what you need to know about co-listing as a real estate agent.
Will home prices in California continue to rise or start cooling off? These California real estate market trends will shed some light on what you can expect.
Working with rental property owners and renters can be a cool addition to your real estate business or a full-time specialty. Here’s how it works.
Summer heat can wreak havoc on vacant homes. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your listings and serving your sellers during the summer months.
June is National Homeownership Month! This is a golden opportunity to promote your real estate business. Here are five ways to market your business this month.

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