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Want to become a real estate agent? The California vs. Texas debate is heating up. Learn which state currently has the edge, based on 2020 Census data.
Real estate agents use a whole host of acronyms and special terms in their work — but can you explain them to your clients? Here’s how to start.
Many agents agree, 2021 is a great time to become a successful real estate agent, but why is that?
Becoming a real estate agent is a great choice for better work-life balance, better mental health, and the chance to work remotely.
The current housing market has been bomming since mid-2020, here's how industry insiders look at it.
The 2020 Census uncovered many interesting trends regarding U.S. demographics. But how might the continued presence of COVID-19 and other events impacted those trends in 2021?
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, PropTech has taken the real estate market by storm, but how exactly are agents using this technology to sell homes?
Are you thinking about becoming a real estate agent in Washington? Here's what you can expect from helping buyers and sellers navigate the world of real estate.
This article explains some of the most common residential and commercial real estate specialties so you can decide what to focus on in your career.
The WA Department of Licensing (DOL) makes it easy for you to look up your Washington real estate license. Here’s how to look up your license in under 2 minutes.
Becoming a Realtor means you receive several professional benefits unavailable to the average real estate agent. Here’s what you get as a Realtor.
With the housing marketing continues growth, what does that look like for real estate job market?

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