Renewing Your Georgia Real Estate License

Renewing Georgia Real Estate license

So you have your Georgia real estate license. You’ve been selling houses, getting commissions, and generally doing an awesome job. Now it’s time to renew your license. What do you need to know?

Renew Your Georgia Real Estate License Every Four Years 

It doesn't matter what kind of license you have – salesperson, broker, associate broker, or community association manager. The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that everyone renew their license every four years. 

Your Georgia real estate license will expire on the last day of your birth month. (So, if you were born on June 7? The license expires on June 30.) The expiration year will be listed on your license pocket card. GREC will mail a renewal notice to your broker a month or two before your license is set to expire, but it's still your responsibility to know when it's time to renew.

To prevent your Georgia real estate license from lapsing, meet your renewal requirements before that expiration date. It's a strict deadline with NO grace period, even if the date falls on a holiday or weekend. You can renew your license up to four months before it expires.

Steps to Renew Your Georgia Real Estate License

There are two things you need to do: 

  1. Take the required continuing education hours. 

  2. Pay the renewal fees. 

Brokers have an extra step. They must complete the renewal form regarding the status of their broker trust account(s) and any trust accounts the broker allows affiliated licensees to maintain.

Continuing Education

Here’s what the CE requirements look like:

  • You have to take 9 hours of CE every year, for a total of 36 hours per 4-year renewal period. You're encouraged to space it out this way rather than taking 36 hours all at once when your license is about to expire.

  • Of those 36 hours per renewal period, at least 3 hours need to be on the subject of license law. For the other 33 hours, you can choose from different real estate topics and find what interests you most.

  • A new agent must complete the 25-hour post-license course in the first year of licensure. 9 of the post-license course hours will count towards the agent's CE requirements. Over the 3 years after the first year of licensure, the agent will need to take 27 hours of continuing education (accounting for the first four-year renewal period).

  • No exam is required for regular continuing ed courses. This is different from the 25-hour first-year post-license requirement, which does involve a test. 

  • Your CE coursework has to be completed before your license expiration date. If it's not, your license will lapse the very next day. If you pay the renewal fee on time, you can be spared the reinstatement fee. Your license will be placed on inactive status until you finish your continuing ed.

Continuing Education Exemptions

A small group of license holders doesn’t need to worry about completing these continuing education requirements:

  • U.S. military members who are actively serving are exempt. However, if they take this exemption for more than two years, a 25-hour post-licensure course may be required within 6 months of their duty concluding.

  • Those who were originally licensed before 1980 are excused.

  • Those who take acceptable college courses can count four quarter hours or two-semester hours as an appropriate substitute. The classes have to relate to real estate, business, finance, marketing, or the law.

  • License holders who want to maintain an inactive license have to pay renewal fees, but they don't have to take continuing education until they apply to reactivate the license.

  • Anyone who lives in a place that has been declared a disaster area will be granted an extended renewal period.

Georgia Real Estate License Renewal Fees

When you renew your Georgia real estate license of any kind, you'll be prompted to pay the renewal fee of $125. That's the price if you renew by mail. If you renew online, you're eligible for a $25 discount.

Renewing a Lapsed Georgia Real Estate License

If you don't renew your license before its expiration date, it lapses. Take a look at this graphic to understand the reinstatement requirements.

Steps to Renew your Georgia Real Estate license

Costs to Maintain Your Georgia Real Estate License

If you want to get an idea of how much it costs overall to get and keep a license in Georgia, you can learn more here.

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