Renewing Your Georgia Real Estate License

Like most states, Georgia requires you to renew your real estate license. It isn't too complicated of a process, and it will help keep your real estate knowledge up to date with an ever-evolving market. This guide will teach you when and how to renew your real estate license in Georgia.

When to Renew Your Georgia Real Estate License

Georgia requires you to renew your real estate license every four years. Your license expires on the last day of your birthday month every four years. For example, if you were born on October 14, your license would expire on October 31. You can renew it as early as four months before it expires. 

Your Georgia Real Estate Commission card lists the year your license expires, but in case you forget, they send you an expiration reminder in the mail. This notice usually arrives a couple of months before it is set to expire.

How to Renew Your Georgia Real Estate License

The real estate license renewal process in Georgia is as simple as completing the required coursework and paying the renewal costs. You have to take 36 hours of continuing education credits over this four-year period, so there is plenty of time to complete it. Three of the 36 required credit hours must be in Georgia license law. You must take all of the courses at a school approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. 

If it is your first time renewing your license, you need to make sure you take the required 25-hour post-license course within the first year of acquiring your license. These 25 hours will count towards nine of the 36 total hours you need in this first four-year renewal period. 

It costs $125 to complete the renewal in person, but you save $25 if you renew online.

How to Renew an Expired Georgia Real Estate License

If you let your license expire, you have a couple of options on how to renew it. If it has been less than 30 days since your license has expired, you can pay a late fee online to reactivate it. You need proof that your continuing education courses have been completed and a filled out Lawful Presence Verification form

If your license has been expired for over a year, you have to fill out a Reinstatement Application, have all of your continuing education coursework up to date on your profile, and pay a fee that starts out a mRinimum of $225. The fee increases an additional $25 for every four months your license is past expiration. 

Exemptions for Continuing Education

There are a few instances where you do not have to take continuing education classes to renew your license. If you received your real estate license before 1980, you don't have to take any classes, but you're encouraged to.  You also do not have to take classes if you want to hold an inactive license. You will have to hit the 36-hour requirement when you decide to renew your license.

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Updated 12/06/2021

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