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Renewing your Texas real estate license? Here's what you need to know about SAE and CE courses, including which ones are required and what topics they cover.
Florida is experiencing a population boom, and these five cities are at the top of the charts. See the hottest places to move to in the Sunshine State.
With these five steps, you’ll be on your way to getting a real estate license in Arizona and launching a new career in no time.
Californians are moving to Texas at a growing rate. Here's what that means for Texas real estate, including how to earn your Texas real estate license.
These Texas cities are the fastest-growing when it comes to real estate, so if you're looking for a home in 2021, add them to your list.
COVID-19 slowed down real estate licensing in Texas, but TREC is now offering limited testing sites for those needing to get or renew their license.
You can get started in real estate part-time as a side hustle or you can launch a new full-time career. Learn more about this flexible career choice.
Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned veteran, this real estate advice from industry leaders will inspire you.
In a recent study by Aceable, 34% of Americans report planning to move in 2021. Learn more about Aceable Real Estate School's 2021 Trends and Real Estate Outlook.
Not completing your real estate CE on time can mean license suspensions, fees, and more, depending on your state. Learn how to easily stay up to date.
Are you ready to start your Real Estate Pre-licensing course? You might be trying to decide whether you should take it online or in person. Learn more about the differences and which choice would be best for you and your schedule.
If you're immigrating to the United States, here is everything you need to know about residency and citizenship for your real estate license.

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