How Many Hours of Continuing Education Are Required for Real Estate License Renewal?

To maintain a real estate license in the state where you operate, you must complete continuing education (CE) courses. These requirements are outlined in state laws and may require you to take a course on a specific topic, such as fair housing laws. These laws may be updated periodically, so it is important to keep up to date on the requirements in your state. Requirements can vary drastically by state and are based on when your real estate license expires.

For example, New York will soon require 22.5 hours of continuing education for real estate license renewal, while Illinois requires just 12. However, all 50 U.S. states require continuing education for real estate license renewal. 

How Many Hours of CE Are Required to Renew Your Real Estate License? 

Below is a complete list of required continuing education hours for real estate licensure by the state. Note that these hours are subject to change and most hours are required per license cycle, usually every two to three years. A few states, such as Arkansas, require real estate professionals to complete CE hours each year.

  • Alabama: 15 hours

  • Alaska: 20 hours

  • Arizona: 30 hours 

  • Arkansas: 7 hours 

  • California: 45 hours 

  • Colorado: 24 hours

  • Connecticut: 12 hours 

  • District of Columbia: 15 hours

  • Delaware: 21 hours 

  • Florida: 8 hours

  • Georgia: 36 hours 

  • Hawaii: 20 hours

  • Idaho: 12 elective hours plus two core courses

  • Illinois: 12 hours

  • Indiana: 12 hours 

  • Iowa: 36 hours

  • Kansas: 12 hours

  • Kentucky: 6 hours

  • Louisiana: 12 hours

  • Maine: 21 hours

  • Maryland: 15 hours

  • Massachusetts: 12 hours

  • Michigan: 18 hours

  • Minnesota: 30 hours

  • Mississippi: 16 hours

  • Missouri: 12 hours

  • Montana: 12 hours

  • Nebraska: 18 hours

  • Nevada: 24 hours

  • New Hampshire: 15 hours

  • New Jersey: 12 hours

  • New Mexico: 36 hours

  • New York: 22.5 hours

  • North Carolina: 8 hours

  • North Dakota: 9 hours

  • Ohio: 30 hours

  • Oklahoma: 21 hours

  • Pennsylvania: 14 hours

  • Rhode Island: 24 hours

  • South Carolina: 10 hours

  • South Dakota: 12 hours

  • Tennessee: 16 hours

  • Texas: 18 hours 

  • Utah: 18 hours

  • Vermont: 16 hours

  • Virginia: 16 hours

  • Washington: 30 hours

  • West Virginia: 7 hours

  • Wisconsin: 18 hours

  • Wyoming: 45 hours

Do Real Estate Continuing Education Courses Transfer by State? 

Real estate licensing requirements vary drastically by state. In most cases, CE courses taken in one state will not transfer to another state. However, some states do offer license reciprocity that allows agents licensed in one state to apply for a license in another state without taking all the required courses.

New Real Estate License Renewal Requirements in New York

As of July 2021, all New York real estate brokers must now complete continuing education courses as well. New York requires 22.5 hours of approved continuing education for both brokers and real estate agents. This CE just include at least three hours of instruction related to fair housing or discrimination in the sale or rental of real property and at least one hour of instruction pertaining to the law of agency. At least two hours of instruction must be completed within the two-year period immediately preceding a renewal.

Real Estate License Renewal Requirements in Texas

The state of Texas requires all active sales agents to complete 18 hours of continuing educations courses. These courses much include 8 hours of TREC Legal Update I and II plus 10 hours of elective courses. First-time sales apprentices must complete a total of 270 hours of qualifying real estate courses, including four hours of TREC Legal Update I and II. Real estate brokers must also complete 18 hours of real estate CE per license renewal.


Real estate sales agents in all 50 states must take continuing education courses to renew their real estate license. The hours and topic requirements vary by state and may be required per year or per license cycle. These courses are designed to ensure real estate agents stay up to date on changes in their industry. Many courses can be taken online, like the ones from Aceable Real Estate School, allowing you to continue your education at a pace that makes sense for your family and your life.

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