11 Best Closing Gifts for Real Estate Clients

As a real estate agent, up to 42% of new clients can come from referrals. And of your past clients, 74% of them would be happy to give you a referral if you make a good impression and stay in touch.

To form these lasting impressions, it’s important to provide a positive and helpful experience for your clients every step of the way. This includes during the closing. When it comes to closing gifts, little personal touches can make a huge difference in making a positive impression on your clients even after you’re done working together. Check out these 11 easy housewarming gifts for your real estate clients.

A first-day survival kit

The first night in a new home can be a little stressful, especially with all of your belongings living in boxes. Consider putting together a First Day Survival Kit for your clients to help make the process less stressful. Paper plates and silverware, microwaveable foods, toilet paper, and miniature wine or champagne bottles to toast their new home are just a few ideas of items you could include. Your clients will be forever grateful that you helped them get through the first night!

A spice rack

Do your clients like to cook? Whether they consider themselves to be expert chefs or they want to make baby steps towards making meals at home, a spice rack is a welcome addition to anyone’s kitchen. You can find a spice rack at most stores in the kitchen section, and at a reasonable price!

A Home Sweet Home sign

There’s nothing as simple and sweet as a decorative sign. You can easily make a ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign at home for a minimal cost with a piece of wood, some paint, and a stencil or a steady hand. Or you can find plenty of homemade signs like this one on Etsy. This little plaque is a decor item that your clients will love displaying and is sure to make them think of you each time they see it.

Home Sweet Home Sign

A small plant or tree

Nothing brightens up a new home like the green of a plant. Not to mention the freshness they add to any room! There are so many different varieties you can find for both indoor and outdoor. If your clients don’t have a green thumb, consider something small or easy to take care of like a succulent. If you’re feeling really ambitious, consider finding an outdoor tree that your clients can plant and watch grow for years to come. Don’t forget to tie a note to your gift wishing them luck and prosperity in their new home!

Personalized address sign

Solidify their new home with a personalized address sign. Personalized address signs like this one add a welcoming touch and help make a house feel like home. And luckily for you (and your budget), handmade signs are pretty affordable and easy to customize. A little goes a long way when it comes to personalized or handmade gifts.

Personalized Address Sign

Personalized cutting board

How cool (and functional) are these personalized cutting boards ? You can find a variety of styles online that start at around $30. You can easily add your name or contact information on the back or bottom corner of the board to remind your clients of you if they ever have a friend in need of an agent. Your clients are going to love having this unique gift on the counter of their new space.

Welcome home wine

Custom wine labels are really simple to make (Google some online templates and print to sticker paper) or to find for sale pre-made in online craft stores like Etsy. A bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate a new home will be much appreciated by clients who are experiencing an exciting time in their lives! Not to mention a custom label and a nice bottle of wine is a totally Instagramable moment (cough, cough, free marketing).

Personalized cups or mugs

Functional gifts that your clients will continue to use long after they close the deal on their homes are a great way to keep you and your business front of mind. Order custom decals with their last names to place on tumbler cups for a quick and easy gift. Consider also placing your contact info somewhere on the cup (like on the bottom so others can see your name and company logo each time someone lifts the cup to take a drink!).

Something unique from the city or neighborhood from a local artist

If someone is new to an area, there’s nothing better than receiving a small gift or token unique to the city or state. Find a local artist or creator in the area and select a small gift that your client will love displaying in their home. The more unique, the better (you want their friends to ask where they got it!). This business in Austin , for example, prints popular city attractions and landmarks onto coasters, magnets, mugs and even wall hangings.

A pet tag

Does your client have a furry friend that’ll join them in the new house? Consider a personalized pet tag . Our pets are our family members, so what better way to make a lasting impression on your client than by giving a thoughtful gift like a pet tag? All you need to know is their pet’s name and your client’s new address. Easy peasy!

Personalized Pet Tag with Address

Garden seed packets

If your client scored a house with a good backyard, consider gifting them with something to fill it up with. Seed, herb and flower packets are a great way to get into a hobby like gardening. Not to mention, they can grow their own fruits and veggies to supply for their meals. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

When trying to find the perfect gift, you just need to remember one thing: When in doubt, keep it personal! Has your client mentioned anything that they’re particularly fond of? Do they have a favorite sports team or a baby on the way? These are great opportunities to come up with gift ideas that will sweep them off their feet. What’s the coolest closing gift you’ve ever given a client? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Laugharn

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