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The average Florida agent makes pretty good money. But just how much? And how do Florida real estate agent salaries compare to the rest of the country?
Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the United States. Here are some trends to pay attention to.
The relationship between a real estate agent and client is built on trust. It’s key to let clients know if they’re entering a traditional or dedicated agency arrangement.
Commercial leases exist in four different forms: gross, net, percentage, and variable. This post covers the basic information about each of them.
Earning your Florida real estate license can open up many career paths. Learn what you can do once you're licensed in the sunshine state.
The Georgia Real Estate Exam includes national and state portions that will put your real estate knowledge to the test. Here's what you can expect.
Have questions about how to navigate your Pre-License Bundle Features? Here's a quick run down of our packages.
With a little planning and some consistent prospecting, your Florida real estate career will get the jump start it needs.
Ready to rock your Florida real estate pre license courses? Not so fast. Learn and implement these simple tips to set yourself up for success.
So, how does Georgia measure up to the rest of the country?As a real estate agent in Georgia, it’s typical to want to compare your salary to your colleagues in the rest of the country. Real estate is a flexible career, and you could easily use your skills in other states if it means a higher salary for the same job. Check out how the Georgia real estate salary compares.
These cities are expected to be the fastest-growing Georgia real estate markets in 2022. Join in the real estate fun with help from Aceable Real Estate School.
In 2021, Georgia houses are selling twice as fast as they did in 2020. Here’s how long it takes to sell a house in Georgia.

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