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Making your home attractive to buyers is important, even in a seller’s market. These spring cleaning tips will help you get your home ready to sell.
As a new real estate agent, mortgages can be confusing to understand. Here we have the fundamentals to help you know more about mortgages.
The spring buying season is a great time for real estate agents to review their sales strategies, nail down listings, and prepare buyers to land a winning bid.
Help your buyers feel confident purchasing a home in areas where tornadoes are part of life. Here’s how.
As a real estate agent you might be using graphic design more than you thought. If you aren't sure where to start here are some graphic design tips to help you.
There are many terms you will learn as a North Carolina real estate agent, here is a break down of broker-in-charge.
There are a number of personality types in the real estate industry, but what are the best personality types for a real estate agent?
National New Homeowners Day creates a unique marketing opportunity for real estate agents. Try these four fun and creative tips.
Real estate is growing is North Carolina, but how many real estate agents are already working in North Carolina?
As a real estate agent, a business plan can be beneficial. Here's a guide to creating a real estate business plan.
As a real estate agent, you've probably heard about appraisals. Here's a guide for real estate agents about the appraisal process.
If you are a real estate agent in North Carolina that needs to change their license or simply look it up, here is an easy how-to guide.

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