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Working with rental property owners and renters can be a cool addition to your real estate business or a full-time specialty. Here’s how it works.
Summer heat can wreak havoc on vacant homes. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your listings and serving your sellers during the summer months.
June is National Homeownership Month! This is a golden opportunity to promote your real estate business. Here are five ways to market your business this month.
There is a growing concern for homes in wildfire danger zones. Here is everything a real estate agent should know to help their clients in wildfire dangers zones.
Are you ready to start your Real Estate Pre-licensing course? You might be trying to decide whether you should take it online or in person. Learn more about the differences and which choice would be best for you and your schedule.
While flooding can be a problem in every part of the country real estate agents need to pay close attention to home that are in flood zones.
How can you, as a real estate agent, help your client navigate the changing mortgage rates?
Washington state undoubtedly has a fast moving real estate market, here are the top 5 fastest growing cities in Washington.
Find the top 3 real estate schools in North Carolina and learn what to look for when comparing providers.
Here we have everything an agent needs to know about using curb appeal to their advantage to sell a home.
Gearing up to take the Colorado real estate exam? Here’s how you can go in ready to ace that thing!
As a North Carolina real estate agent, you've probably heard "broker" used in many ways. Here we break down what each type of North Carolina broker means.

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