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If you feel like you're stuck in a rut, a move into the real estate world could be highly rewarding.
More than half of homes sold in 2017 will be bought by first-time homebuyers, according to The largest segment will be millennials.
If you want to get your South Carolina real estate salesperson license, you’ll need to study Unit I and Unit II curriculum. Here’s what you can expect.
To get your Texas real estate license, you need to take six courses that total 180 classroom hours.
A recent study by AceableAgent found several links between COVID-19 and the housing market. Learn more about our findings and analysis to better understand the new residential patterns.
Wanting to know about how to extend your real estate practice out of Georgia? Here is all you need to know about transferring your real estate license.
Getting a real estate license in Colorado requires 168 credit hours of pre-licensing education, a passing grade on the state exam, and more.
How many credits of continuing education do you need to renewal your real estate license in your state? Our list of CE requirements covers every state.
If you want to be a successful real estate agent, it helps to have some of the following skills — honesty, flexibility, critical thinking, and pragmatism. Learn more about the 10 skills of successful real estate agents.
Social media can be a valuable tool for marketing your real estate listings. Here are five tips for how to use social media effectively.
When you get your real estate license, it opens up a number of careers in the real estate industry, including property management, investment, and appraisal.

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