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Virginia housing markets are shifting in 2023. Here are the fastest-growing markets in VA, and the trends you can expect this year.
Are you ready to start your Real Estate Pre-licensing course? You might be trying to decide whether you should take it online or in person. Learn more about the differences and which choice would be best for you and your schedule.
The first clients are the hardest to land! But with these tips, new real estate agents can start building a sustainable pipeline of buyers and sellers.
It’s not easy juggling children and a career. But with flexibility, high-income potential, and accessibility, real estate is a strong career option for parents!
There are a few costs involved when getting your Arizona real estate license. Here's a break down of the costs and fees.
Are you wanting to change careers and concerned about the cost of getting your real estate license? Here are some tips to finance your career change and jumpstart your education.
Wondering how many licensed real estate agents there are in the state of Florida? Here are the details you need to know.
Lots of people live in the Empire State, but how many real estate pros are there to help them find the home of their dreams? Here's a look at the numbers.
The 2023 housing market may be chaotic, which just means new opportunities for real estate agents. Here’s what agents can do to grow through shifting markets.
With a little planning, becoming a licensed real estate agent in South Carolina could take just two to four months. Here’s how.
Changing careers can be challenging, but real estate offers lots of opportunities for California dreamers. Here's why you should make that midlife career switch.
The real estate market is shifting in 2023. Here’s how to capitalize on three of the most important North Carolina real estate trends.

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