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You can get started in real estate part-time as a side hustle or you can launch a new full-time career. Learn more about this flexible career choice.
New construction opportunities have been growing, and real estate agents can create a profitable niche by helping clients buy a new build.
If you want to be a successful real estate agent, it helps to have some of the following skills — honesty, flexibility, critical thinking, and pragmatism. Learn more about the 10 skills of successful real estate agents.
Real estate is a great career to start off part time. Here is what you can expect you day to look like as a part time agent.
Almost half of them are buying homes right now: That's why millennials matter in real estate. High tech and special attention can win them over.
What happens after you pass your real estate exam and earn your license? Here’s a list of what to expect when you get your real estate license.
Learn about real estate trends for 2022 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You might even consider becoming a real estate agent in one of the state’s hottest markets.
Thinking about becoming a real estate agent? If so, here's a look at what the daily schedule of a real estate agent looks like so you can see if it sounds fun.
Once you have a real estate license, you can specialize in commercial real estate by partnering with a broker who handles commercial transactions to grow your network and gain experience.
Jumping to a career in real estate is no small decision. We answer some questions you may have before you start your pre licence course.
With the ups and downs of the housing market you may be wondering if it's the right time for a career in real estate. Here we explain what it may look like now.
The Pennsylvania real estate market is shifting. And the real estate agents who know how to help their clients navigate this market will come out ahead!

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