The 10 Fastest-Growing Cities in Georgia

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Georgia has increased by 10.6% from 2010 to 2020. The population was counted at over 10.7 million people - 1 million more than the last census report 10 years ago. That means Georgia is still the 8th most populous state in the nation. 

It’s been clear Georgia is growing long before the 2020 U.S. Census was conducted. The question is, what Georgia cities are growing the fastest. For Georgia real estate agents, growth means huge opportunity. Want to be where the action is? Right now, it’s a great time to work in smaller areas around major cities. 

Here are the 10 fastest-growing cities in Georgia, according to the Census Bureau.

1.  Pooler 

Population in 2020: 25,694

Population in 2010: 18,489

Population Percentage Change: 39%

Pooler is a historic city in Chatham County that has experienced an amazing amount of growth in the last 20 years. It’s firmly planted in the Savannah metro that is growing collectively. Here the median household income and home values are well above the state averages. Pooler highlights include the Mighty Eighth Airforce Museum and Tom Triplett Community Park. 

Real estate facts: The median home value in Pooler, GA from 2015-2019 was $214,500, well over the Georgia median of $176,000.

2. Woodstock City 

Population in 2020: 33,039

Population in 2010: 23,803

Population Percentage Change: 38.8%

Woodstock is a prime example that the Atlanta metro is sprawling further outward. The city, 30 miles from Atlanta, is part of Cherokee County and has actually been one of the fastest growing areas for well over a decade. Recently, Money Magazine named Woodstock one of the best places to live in the U.S. based on economic, diversity and safety factors. 

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Woodstock City, GA from 2015-2019 was $243,500. 

3. Suwanee 

Population in 2020: 20,907

Population in 2010: 15,343

Population Percentage Change: 36.3%

Like Woodstock, Suwanee City is 30 miles north of Atlanta. However, it lies to the east where there is an abundance of natural beauty. The city actually spans Gwinnett County and Forsyth County. Suwanee has quickly become known as an up-and-coming area that’s known for being very family-friendly.

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Suwanee, GA from 2015-2019 was nearly double the state median at $308,900. 

4. Grovetown 

Population in 2020: 15,152

Population in 2010: 11,224

Population Percentage Change: 35%

Grovetown may not be a large Augusta suburb, but it’s growing fast. The affordable homes are a major attraction, but there’s a good chance prices will go up given that the median household income in Grovetown is higher than the state by just over $10,000 a year. The city limits aren’t very large so the population will become denser as Grovetown grows. That also means land could be valued much higher in coming years. 

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Grovetown, GA from 2015-2019 was below the state median at $158,900.

5. Sugar Hill 

Population in 2020: 24,617

Population in 2010: 18,484

Population Percentage Change: 33.2%

Sugar Hill is one more suburb to the north of Atlanta that made the fastest growing cities list. It’s definitely a family town that’s known for being friendly to all. Over 36% of the growing population is under the age of 18, which is more than the average city in Georgia. If you’re an agent that plans to specialize in move-up homes for families Sugar Hill is a great market to be in at the moment. 

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Sugar Hill, GA from 2015-2019 was $232,500.

6. Decatur

Population in 2020: 25,696

Population in 2010: 19,630

Population Percentage Change: 30.9%

Decatur has become one of the ritziest areas in Georgia. With median household incomes in the six figures and an abundance of million dollar homes, Decatur is the place to be if you want to get into luxury real estate. It’s proximity to Atlanta has made it a prime location for people that want an easy 20-minute commute into the heart of the metro. With so much to offer, it’s not surprising Decatur has received A+ ratings for quality of life. 

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Decatur, GA from 2015-2019 was $521,900 - nearly three times higher than the state median home value.

7. Perry

Population in 2020: 17,894

Population in 2010: 13,737

Population Percentage Change: 30.3%

Perry City has benefitted from the growth in nearby Warner Robins, which is much larger and has also seen a significant increase in its population. And a little farther north is the mid-size city of Macon, another area that saw growth that’s expanded outward into the suburbs. Perry is for people that want a slower pace of life with a slice of southern hospitality. It will be interesting to see how the area maintains it’s small town charm as the population gets larger. 

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Perry, GA from 2015-2019 was just $150,500.

8. Canton

Population in 2020: 30,528

Population in 2010: 23,518

Population Percentage Change: 29.8%

Further north of Woodstock in Cherokee County, sits Canton, GA. The city is nothing like it was two decades ago when just 7,700 people called it home. This sleepy little town has attracted Georgians that want beautiful foothill views and easy access to the Blue Ridge Mountains while still being about an hour from Atlanta. It’s a great community for outdoor enthusiasts in general. 

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Canton, GA from 2015-2019 was $215,600.

9. Fairburn

Population in 2020: 16,768

Population in 2010: 13,100

Population Percentage Change: 28%

The Atlanta metro isn’t just growing in the north. Fairburn’s spike in population over the last 10 years proves that growth is happening to the south as well. The city is just 17 miles from Atlanta, so it’s motto “Situated to Succeed” makes complete sense. Georgia real estate agents that plan to focus on first-time buyers could see huge success in Fairburn as more people in the metro turn their attention south to find affordable homes.

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Fairburn, GA from 2015-2019 was $140,600. 

10. Gainesville

Population in 2020: 43,232

Population in 2010: 34,035

Population Percentage Change: 27%

Don’t mistake this Georgia city with the larger one just south in Florida. The “Poultry Capital of the World” is actually the perfect spot for people that want a lake lifestyle that’s a bit removed from the activity of Atlanta. The area is known for its water recreation on Lake Lanier, which surrounds the city on three sides.

Real estate facts:  The median home value in Gainesville, GA from 2015-2019 was $219,300.

10 Fastest Growing Georgia Counties

  1. Bryan County

  2. Forsyth County

  3. Oconee

  4. Columbia

  5. Jackson 

  6. Cherokee

  7. Gwinnett County

  8. Fulton County

  9. Cobb County

  10. Dekalb County

The Fastest Growing Metro in Georgia

The Savannah metro area has exploded in growth over the last decade. If you are starting out in real estate and looking for an area that is on the rise this would be a great place to consider working. 

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Updated 12/20/21

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