Career Paths for Anyone with a North Carolina Real Estate License

Getting your North Carolina real estate license opens the door to several different career paths in the real estate industry! Let’s take a look at seven of the best careers for real estate licensees in NC.

Top 7 North Carolina Real Estate License Career Paths

1. Real Estate Sales Agent/Broker

This is the classic real estate license career path. With a North Carolina real estate license, you can help buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions. A career in real estate sales comes with the flexibility to make your own hours and be your own boss. And because you’re paid on commission, you have a lot of control over your income

2. Real Estate Broker-in-Charge

A broker-in-charge is a licensed real estate broker with the power to hire and supervise other agents/brokers. As a broker-in-charge, you can still help buyers and sellers. But you can also manage a team of other agents/brokers, and take a share of the commissions they earn.

You get to decide how much time you want to spend with clients and how much time you want to spend managing your team. So you still have the flexibility and solid income potential. 

3. Commercial Real Estate Sales Agent

Instead of helping people buy and sell homes, you can help them buy and sell commercial real estate. Commercial real estate includes property types like:

  • Shopping centers

  • Retail stores

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels 

  • Office space

Because these properties are usually more expensive than the average home, your earnings per deal are higher with commercial real estate than with residential. So you can make more money in fewer transactions. 

4. Leasing Agent

Leasing agents help people with rentals rather than sales. You would get to show properties, meet interesting people, and help those people find housing. Leasing agents can be independent and paid on commission, just like real estate sales agents. Or they can be full-time employees, hired by property management companies, and paid a salary. 

This can be an excellent option for people who want a career in real estate but are nervous about going commission-only. 

5. Property Manager

Property managers also work with rentals, but instead of just leasing units, they provide ongoing management services. Property managers spend their time on activities like:

  • Renting apartments, offices, and other spaces

  • Collecting rent payments

  • Handling requests from tenants

  • Overseeing the property to make sure it’s maintained properly

  • Getting units ready for new tenants

6. Real Estate Investor

You don’t have to have a real estate license to be a real estate investor. But having your license gives you insider access to market data. You’ll be able to see all homes on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and you’ll be able to represent yourself in your real estate transactions, so you can earn real estate commissions on your deals! 

7. Foreclosure Specialist

Foreclosure specialists focus on properties threatened with foreclosure. In many cases, you can help homeowners restructure their mortgage loans to avoid foreclosure completely. Or you might be able to help them sell their homes before they are foreclosed on, which can save their credit histories. 

This is a good option for people who want to help homeowners and have the patience to sort through complex transactions involving lots of paperwork.

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