The Best (and Worst) Real Estate Pickup Lines

It can happen anywhere, anytime. You might be drinking with a few friends at a bar or swiping mindlessly through Tinder, when all at once, you see that person. You just have to say hi because somehow you know that you’re meant to be — or that they’re at least really, really cute.

One of the best ways to express attraction nowadays is with the help of a good old-fashioned pickup line. Yes, those extremely cheesy, but harmlessly amusing and clever words of wisdom passed down through the internet to anyone immediately in a situation of heavy flirting.

Maybe you spot them at an open house or you meet them at a coffee shop and get to talking about their career as a realtor. If the particular person who’s catching your eye is a real estate agent or someone familiar with industry jargon, they’ll definitely get a total kick out of the use of these hilarious sayings from and , aka the sources of all true love. No, they don’t guarantee success or marriage and as always, tread lightly, but just as a realtor should always be ready for a showing or to close a deal, so should you to shoot your shot.

  1. “Are you a property inspector? Because I noticed you checking me out.”

  2. “Does the house come with mitochondria? Because my power house is producing a lot of energy.”

  3. “Hey girl, you might not realize, but you have a lien on my heart.”

  4. “I'm skilled in appraisals and I'm here to tell you – you are priceless.

  5. “Let's make it official and close the escrow.”

  6. “Unlike some of these homes, my heart has full occupancy with you in my life.”

  7. “As a realtor, you must be pretty strong. I mean, you can flip a house.”

  8. “You should just provide a full disclosure up front, because you are flawless.”

  9. “The housing market may go up and down, but you’ll be hot forever.”

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