What Courses are Required for an Arizona Real Estate License?

The path to a career in real estate is exciting and rewarding, but it is also like many others in that you have to meet certain requirements to get the job. There are classes to take and tests to pass. The exact things you need to do depend on where you live. Becoming a real estate agent in Arizona has its own process. In particular, you'll need to take two main courses to get your license — a six-hour contract writing course and a 90-hour pre-licensing education course.

Pre-Licensing Education Courses

Six-Hour Contract Writing Course

To become a Salesperson in Arizona, you need to take a six-hour contract writing course certificate. This class will help you understand the ins and outs of contract writing so you can successfully negotiate deals for your clients.

90-Hour Pre-Licensing Education

The bulk of your Arizona real estate education will be a 90-hour pre-licensing course. The school has to be approved by the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) and cover certain content. The class you need is simply called “pre-license salesperson.” You can take the pre-licensing class online, but the school will need to give an in-person Salesperson examination. You have to pass it for the pre-licensing education to count. Once you pass it, you have ten years to file your license application.

Salesperson State Exam

Once you have taken and passed the pre-licensing education exam, you will still need to take the salesperson state exam. This one is from the state. You have to schedule that one through Pearson Vue. It is 180 questions, and you have 300 minutes to take it. If you don’t pass it the first time, you have to wait 24 hours before you can schedule another test.

If you fail a second time, you can schedule a 30-minute exam review appointment. This lets you look at the questions you answered wrong and it has to be finished before you can take the test a third time. You have 14 days from failing the second test to have your exam review.

Once you pass the state exam, you have exactly one year to apply for your Arizona real estate license. The Arizona Department of Real Estate does have an online application system, so you can submit everything online. You will also need to pay a fee.

Other Requirements for a Salesperson’s License

Applicants for a Real Estate Salesperson’s License must be 18 years of age or older at the time of their application. They'll also need to submit several forms, including the Disclosure Document Checklist and Disciplinary Actions Disclosure Form. These forms ask about any crimes you may have committed in the past, including felonies, misdemeanors, and any legal judgments or disciplinary actions against you. You will also need to provide a statement that explains what happened.

Also required are an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card, the Arizona Salesperson's application and fee, proof of passing your state exam, and proof of taking your licensure education.

Becoming an Arizona Real Estate Agent

There are several steps in the process of becoming a real estate salesperson in Arizona. You need to file different paperwork with the Arizona Department of Real estate, pay a fee, take a class, pass a certificate program, and take two tests — the one from your pre-licensing class school and the salesperson state exam. Completing everything takes time, but it also puts you on the track to becoming an Arizona real estate salesperson. Taking your pre-licensing coursework online helps streamline the process and lets you complete the requirements on your schedule.

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