What is Covered in the Law of Agency Real Estate Course?

Now that you’ve covered the basic principles involved in your career in real estate, it’s time to dive further into your responsibilities as an agent. In one of your final pre-license real estate courses , Law of Agency, you’ll learn what is involved in all of the relationships that you’ll encounter in your real estate career. This includes client-agent, buyer-seller and broker-agent relationships, all of which will play a major role in most aspects of the job.

Let’s go over the main points you’ll be taking away from the online real estate course, Law of Agency.

What do you learn in Law of Agency?

Here are the objectives you'll be working toward:  Understand buyer-seller relationships and how to maintain them  Learn the appropriate processes for starting and ending buyer/seller agreements * Understand the broker-agent relationships what it entails for both parties

Course Overview

In Law of Agency, you’ll go over the ins and outs of your position as an agent. To practice agency in real estate means to keep your client’s best interests at the forefront of what you do. This is a crucial part of being a real estate agent as your client relationships will become a major part of your day to day. Aside from the moral duties involved in the client-agent relationship, there are also legal duties that you have to abide by according to Texas laws. It will quite literally be your job to uphold your end of the relationship and represent your client throughout any situation or agreement. This course will guide you step by step through the process of maintaining these relationships as an agent.

Studying for Law of Agency Course


As a real estate agent, your relationships will be of the utmost importance throughout your career which is why it’s crucial to understand the best ways to maintain them. In this course, you’ll begin by learning about buyer-seller relationships and your duties as an agent in these types of relationships. It will be your job to represent your client’s interests no matter what, and this course will go over the processes involved in starting and ending buyer and seller agreements.

Students will also go over the broker-agent relationships you’ll encounter in your real estate career. When working with another broker or agent, you’ll need to understand each party’s duties and involvement in order to create a seamless process for everyone involved as well as to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. There will be plenty of days where you’ll be working with another broker or agent at a property, and understanding the basic processes and duties of each party will be essential to keeping your clients and peers happy as well as maintaining good relationships throughout the industry. All in all, this course will strengthen your knowledge on your position and agency in the industry, and you will complete this course with tips for maintaining strong relationships throughout your real estate career.

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