Michigan Real Estate Trends

Keep up to date with all things real estate in the great lakes state and find out what is trending to develop and grow in your real estate career.

Why are small homes trending in real estate? What are the pluses of downsizing? Learn why big things come in small packages for many home buyers these days.
73% of clients said they would hire an agent who uses video to market their property, but only 15% of agents actually use video. What are you waiting for?
Social media has become a huge business and marketing tool for many industries- including real estate.
How can living next to a Starbucks increase the value of your home? How about the name of your street? Learn about these weird property value boosters.
Think young baby boomers aren't a crucial demographic in the real estate market? Think again! Learn about trends among middle-aged adults buying homes.
Each year, home decorators, real estate agents and the like look forward to Pantone's Color of the Year choice. We rank the annual selections worst to best.
Get a sneak peak at the all-new TREC-approved Legal Update II course from AceableAgent. We guarantee that you'll think it's pretty doggone special!
Get the dirt on the keys to success for real estate blogging from the founder of CandysDirt.com. Her answers just might surprise you!
Real estate agents, take your sense of style from dull to dapper! Learn how to look professional for clients while infusing bold pieces into everyday looks.
Move over, something blue: there’s a new wedding gift in town. Its name? Home down payment
Its easy to become indecisive when thinking about home ownership but data shows that buying a house will save you money!
Who knew playing board games could help your real estate career so much? Here are our four real estate lessons learned from playing board games.

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