What is Covered in the Promulgated Contracts Real Estate Course?

Now that you’ve made it through a majority of your pre-license education, you should be ready to take on a more hands-on approach in your next online real estate course. In the next course, you’ll get an opportunity to do just that.

In Promulgated Contracts, you’ll learn all about the different types of contract forms that are promulgated by TREC. These are forms that will be used throughout your career as a licensed real estate agent and will contribute to your success, so it’s crucial to get to know the ins and outs of promulgated real estate contracts.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll be learning in the Promulgated Contracts in the Texas real estate course.

What do you learn in Promulgated Contracts?

Here are the objectives you'll be working toward:  

  • Learn the proper way to use and fill out various contract forms  
  • Complete examples and workshops to practice contract completion  
  • Understand the common mistakes made when dealing with contracts and how to avoid them  
  • Gain knowledge regarding the regulation of promulgated contracts in real estate

Course Overview

Promulgated contract forms are forms that are both approved and required by the Texas Real Estate Commission. These will be used by agents and brokers alike during transactions to make the agreement's official. When working with such important documents, it’s imperative that every licensed real estate agent or broker understands every aspect of the contract and how it works in each situation.

In Promulgated Contracts, you’ll gain a better understanding of contract laws and how they pertain to your position as an agent. This online real estate course goes over the general overview of contracts and the laws surrounding them, as well as dives into the details involved at each step.

Signing paperwork


It’s time to get to work with this course. In Promulgated Contracts, students will get hands-on with their learning objectives. Students will not only go over the proper way to use and fill out a variety of forms, but will complete examples themselves in order to gain a deeper understanding. In the instance of contracts and forms, getting plenty of practice should definitely be taken advantage of. Understanding how each contract works and learning how to fill them out is an extremely significant skill that will serve as one of the key parts of your job in real estate. In other words, take this online real estate course seriously!

Another valuable takeaway from this course is the portion that goes over common mistakes made when working with contracts and what steps you can take to avoid them. Seeing both sides of the puzzle -- the do’s and the don'ts -- can help strengthen your understanding of contract forms and give you a better idea of what to specifically look out for. Students will complete this course with confidence about their contract knowledge and their ability to fill out every form that comes their way throughout their careers. 

Whether it’s the Promulgated Contracts course, or one of the other online real estate coursesyou’re required to take to get your license, real estate education should be flexible and accessible. 

At AceableAgent, we understand these needs for a student and can ensure that our online real estate course checks off both of those boxes. Through our easy-to-access platform, you can take your courses on any type of device, at a time that works best with your schedule. Beginning your journey into real estate shouldn’t be stressful, and we’re here to help!

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