What can you do with a Virginia Real Estate License?

Ever wonder exactly what type of job you could do with a Virginia real estate license? You might be surprised. There are more job options than you think.

Most people associate a real estate license only with a real estate agent. You do need a license to be a real estate agent, but that is just one aspect of what a Virginia real estate license can do for you.

Why do you need a real estate license?

Once you obtain your Virginia real estate license, you can legally buy or sell real estate in order to receive a fee, commission, or another type of compensation. This is what it means to legally engage in the practice of real estate, which you must be licensed for. 

Types of transactions or activities that licensed real estate agents do are:

  • Sell or rent real estate to tenants and buyers on behalf of a real estate brokerage.

  • List homes for sale 

  • Draw up real estate contracts

  • Develop business leads 

  • Stage and show properties

  • Assist buyers in the purchasing process

Licensed real estate agents work towards their goal of selling or buying property and receiving a commission for that. So in order to participate in any activity or transaction that leads to buying/selling property, you must have your Virginia real estate license. 

What if you don’t have a Virginia real estate license?

While there are a variety of jobs available in the real estate field, most of them require a real estate license. There are only a few positions in real estate that do not require a license, and most of them are used to gain experience in the field before obtaining a license. 

One popular career you can have without being licensed is a real estate assistant. A real estate assistant generally works in the office and helps the office run. While you can learn a lot from being a real estate assistant, the job is very limiting and restricting without a license. You have to be very careful to make sure you are not legally participating in any real estate transaction

Opportunities available when you do have a Virginia real estate license 

Once you take your exam and get your Virginia real estate license, a world of possibilities opens up to you. Most people think the only job you can have with a real estate license is strictly a real estate agent, but that is not true.

Here are some examples of different jobs you could have with your real estate license:

Managing broker 

A real estate broker is like a real estate agent, but brokers take their profession to the next level by furthering their education in the field and qualifies to manage a real estate office with multiple agents.


Similar to a broker, a Realtor is someone who has taken their real estate license to the next level by furthering their education and joining the National Association of Realtors. This group requires its members to uphold a specific code of ethics. 

Real estate investor 

An investor is either someone who buys and renovates houses to then sell, or they put money into a real estate project and delegates the management of that project to other professionals. 

Residential or commercial appraiser

Appraisers are people who collect information on a property and then give a recommendation as to the property’s worth. Both residential and commercial appraisers require a license in order to get the education they need to do their work.

Property manager 

Property managers are in charge of overseeing a property and making sure it runs smoothly, and that it remains lucrative for the property owner. A property manager may choose to take on the responsibilities of the property themselves or hire and coordinate other professionals to do this for them.

Corporate real estate manager 

Large corporations usually need someone on staff to staff and manage the real estate for the company. Corporate real estate managers may help corporations lease or list office space, or even manage a real estate holding.

Leasing agent  

A leasing agent is in charge of finding tenants to lease a property. They work directly with the property manager to find the perfect tenants. Leasing agents need to be good at listing their openings and getting the word out there.

There are many more options in the real estate field than people know about. If you are interested, there is definitely something for you in real estate. Getting your real estate license gives you the freedom and flexibility you want in a job, and it helps prepare you to be successful in your field. 

Leanna Petronella

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