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Home maintenance could soon be a thing of the past - or should we say future. Here are 10 household robots that help with home maintenance.
Tiny houses are an affordable abode for Millennials, a downsizing solution for seniors, and the new trend in vacation rentals.
St. Patrick's Day is the perfect opportunity for some creative marketing. Here are 6 golden ideas to get you started.
Many real estate agents will tell you that they love their job and wish they had gotten their license sooner. But it’s not for everyone.
If you got your eye on a real estate agent, he/she will get a kick out of these pick-up lines. Cheesy? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.
Are you thinking about taking your real estate pre-licensing course? Here are a few insights that can help things go as smoothly, quickly and cheaply as possible.
Every real estate agent needs to renew their license at some point. Whether your certification is about to expire or has been for a while, here is what to do.
Are you a teacher looking into becoming about of the real estate industry? Check out these 4 reasons how you are the perfect match!
At some point, every real estate agent needs a broker if they want to use their license to legally sell property and earn commission.
Texas has been a major energy producer for decades. But today, the Lone Star State could be nicknamed the Wind Turbine state.
Have you heard of Jumbo Loans before? Check out this post and learn all about it!
An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is pretty much exactly like it sounds. It’s a type of mortgage loan that doesn’t have a fixed interest rate.

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