6 Weirdest Home Invasion Stories

Every once in a while, there’s a darker side to home ownership that we don’t want to think about: home invasions. Even if you take basic precautions to secure your home, sometimes, the unexpected happens.

Here are the 6 weirdest home invasion stories we’ve come across.

 A Veritable Feast 

In Staffordshire, England, police arrested a 36-year-old man who ate a victim’s chips, corned beef and sauce, pickles, two ice creams, and a can of coke, before climbing into the bathtub.

 Backscratcher Beating 

When an intruder broke into the house of a disabled Indiana woman, the woman grabbed her wooden back scratcher and started beating him with it. Evidently, this wasn’t enough; she soon followed up by beating him with a wrench. The intruder managed to escape and run out of the house. And, well, can you blame him?

 Making Money Is My Thang 

In March 2011, Nichita Davis and Delaney Douglas were at their Charlotte home when two burglars broke in. The burglars took a wallet and some jewelry before escaping in their car. However, as they fled, a shirt fell out of a car - a shirt that happened to have one of the men’s faces on it, and the caption: “Making money is my thang.” It was later discovered that the photo on the shirt was actually the suspect’s booking photo for another robbery he committed.

 Naked Bathtub Cheetos 

In 2018, a woman returned to her home in Monroe, Louisiana to find a stranger sitting in her bathtub and eating Cheetos. The burglar had also arranged a full plate of food on the toilet lid next to her.

 Vodka Soda 

When Mark Smith decided to rob a house in North Shields, England, he also decided to pregame his robbery by drinking some vodka sodas mixed with Valium. Upon entering the house, he grabbed a pair of gold earrings and a checkbook. Unfortunately for him, this was when his cocktail kicked in; when the victim returned home, she found Smith passed out under her bed with the gold earrings. The victim tried to wake him, but he was deep in slumber. When the authorities arrived, they had to drag his sleeping body all the way to jail.

 Bath time 

21-year-old Brian Walker broke into a home through a sliding glass door to take a bath. When police arrived, he refused to get out of the tub. Yes, he was naked.

While these home invasions ended happily and didn’t result in any casualties, the fact still remains that home invasions are no joke. Here are some security measures you should consider taking in order to protect your home:

  • Keep your house and property well-lit at night; burglars like to go for homes that they can get in and out of quickly, and unnoticed.
  • Don’t leave a spare key under your doormat
  • Keep blind spots well-lit and/or under surveillance
  • Get to know your neighbors so they can watch out for your house when you’re not there
  • Don’t announce on social media that you won’t be at home
  • Don’t leave mail or newspapers unattended; this is an instant clue for burglars that you may not be home. If you’re traveling out of town, ask a friendly neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers for you.

Featured image source: Unsplash


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