What is the Austin Board of Realtors?

What is the Austin Board of Realtors?

The Austin Board of Realtors is the local real estate association for the Austin metro area.

Established in 1926, the Austin Board of Realtors (ABoR) was created to help real estate professionals in central Texas provide the highest quality service to local buyers and sellers. And even though their systems have grown far more sophisticated in the last 90 years, that’s still their essential function.

The ABoR is all about connections. They connect buyers and sellers to qualified Realtors. They connect Realtors to useful resources and educational opportunities. And they connect the community to the political world, advocating for beneficial legislation.

Does the Austin Board of Realtors Issue My Realtor License?

If you’re an Austin area real estate agent, you can’t claim to hold a Realtor license without first joining the Austin Board of Realtors.

But technically, the Board of Realtors cannot issue your Realtor license. Because a Realtor license isn’t actually an official license. Confused? That’s ok. It is confusing!

The term  Realtor license  is shorthand for “a real estate agent license held by someone who’s also a member of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR)”. Anyone with a real estate agent license can be called a real estate agent. But only member of the NAR can be called realtors.

So to say you have your Realtor license is like saying you have your real estate agent license and you’re a member of the NAR.

And how do you join the NAR? By joining your local Austin Board of Realtors. Joining your local board automatically grants you membership to your state board and to the National Board of Realtors.


What are the Benefits of Joining the Austin Board of Realtors?

Yes, membership in the ABoR allows you to claim that you hold a Realtor license. And yes, membership gives you access to a community of experienced professionals who can offer career guidance. But the benefits extend far beyond that.

What are the benefits you will enjoy as a member of the Austin Board of Realtors?
  • Access to Matrix Multiple Listings Service
  • Access to Supra lockboxes and other property entry solutions
  • Advocacy in legislation affecting everyone with a Realtor license
  • Entrance to exclusive industry events
  • Ongoing training and education
  • Inman Select access (a premier industry publication)
  • Discounts on hotels, car rentals, and airfare

Should I Join the Austin Board of Realtors?

Joining the Austin Board of Realtors is a smart career move for Austin area real estate agents. The networking, the ongoing training, the community involvement, the opportunity to claim you hold a Realtor license, and all the additional benefits of membership are invaluable to your career. Don’t miss out.

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