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There are a lot of experienced agents across the state that can serve as inspiration and maybe even provide mentorship. Here are 10 New York agents to keep your eye on in 2019.
Which real estate agents are poised to have a big year in 2019 and what can you learn from them? Let’s take a look!
Agents that understand how falling housing affordability is affecting buyer behavior have a better chance of connecting with clients and writing up contracts.
An outline of the tasks you should complete between passing your real estate exam and starting your new career.
There’s a lot to consider when creating your real estate marketing plan. But don’t worry; we’re going to help you iron out your marketing strategy.
Not sure what to listen to? No problem! We’re going to give you our picks for the Top 20 Podcasts for Real Estate Agents from this past year.
Savvy real estate agents are embracing new tech to improve productivity, increase leads, and grow their businesses. In the competitive world of real estate sales, you can’t afford to fall behind the times. We’re giving you a list of the tech every real estate agent needs in 2019.
Get real-world advice on how to become a successful real estate agent from agents who have done it! These simple real estate tips will set you up for success.
Most people take around four months to get their real estate license. With these tricks, you can get a real estate license in five weeks or less.
These five insider facts about the real estate industry will open your eyes to the realities of life as a real estate agent.
Real estate is about selling yourself as much as it is about selling property. Here are some qualities that will can help make you a successful agent.
Here’s your ultimate guide to PropTech and what it means for the real estate industry in the near future.

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