How Much Do Realtors Make in Dallas?

Your Realtor license could really pay off in the Dallas real estate market!

The value of your Realtor license is difficult to quantify because it really depends on you. Do you want to hustle and become a Top Producer? Or are you looking for the flexibility to work part-time? That’s the beauty of the real estate industry: you’re in complete control of your schedule and your income.

But to help you set realistic income goals, it’s still helpful to know what other Dallas-area Realtors are making.

So let’s look at how much the average Realtor makes, how much you could make with your Realtor license, and what you can do to boost your real estate income in Dallas.

How much do Dallas Realtors make on average?

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) reported that the median gross income for all Realtors was $39,200 in 2015. Glassdoor reported higher annual income for Dallas-based real estate agents: $46,460 on average .

These figures include the many part-time agents, so they naturally skew low.

Additionally, these figures include the many agents who have just recently received their Realtor license. Income starts slowly in real estate sales because the first few years are devoted more to prospecting and marketing than to transaction-related activities. But once you establish yourself with a few satisfied clients and a pipeline of qualified buyers and sellers, your income will pick up!

What is the income potential for Dallas Realtors?

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide salary information for Dallas, specifically, it does show that Texas, in general, is a better-than-average place to get your Realtor license. Texas Realtors are among the highest paid Realtors in the country, fitting comfortably in the $63,640 to $103,490 mean wage category.

Annual Salary based on State

How do I maximize my Realtor income?

Here are a few tips to help you earn a $100K income with your Realtor license:  Invest early in technology. A professional website will give you instant credibility. And a blog will boost your search engine ranking, helping you to stand out in online searches.
Negotiate with your broker for a higher commission split.  Specialize in luxury properties to earn more money on fewer transactions.  Stick with it! The same NAR report that showed a median of $39,200 for all Realtors shows a median of $73,400 for agents with over 16 years’ experience.

You can build the lifestyle of your dreams in Dallas. And it all starts with your Realtor license. Your career is waiting; find your pre-license course today!

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