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As a real estate agent, up to 42% of your client base can come from referrals. Make a lasting impression with your clients now for business later!
Learn how you can use online auctions as a tool in your real estate business.
In the Law of Agency course, you’ll learn what is involved in all of the relationships that you’ll encounter in your real estate career.
The second course in this series takes a deeper look into the duties of an agent and further strengthens your knowledge as a whole.
For aspiring agents in Texas, you need to complete 180 hours of coursework to take your state exam and get your real estate license.
Did you know that you need to renew your Real Estate License every two years in Texas? Here's what you need to renew it and how much it costs on average.
You're just one step away from starting your path toward becoming a Realtor!
Beyond receiving your Realtor license, there are several ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd of real estate professionals.
Continuing your education as a Realtor is the best way to stay ahead of the game.
Get the 4-1-1 behind this locale's typical earnings.
Get the 4-1-1 behind this locale's typical earnings.
The good news? Generally speaking, droughts do not affect property values.

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