How to Earn the Counselor of Real Estate® Realtor Designation

How to Earn the Counselor of Real Estate® Realtor Designation

Beyond receiving your Realtor license, there are several ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd of real estate professionals. By earning your Counselor of Real Estate® Realtor designation, you’ll become a member of the most prestigious real estate professional organization. This designation indicates to your clients that you have a commitment to integrity in the profession and follow a strict Code of Ethics.

What is Real Estate Counseling?

A real estate counselor provides guidance in the real estate decision-making process without bias or conflict of interest.

Here is how to earn the CRE Realtor designation:

Have Experience

In order to be invited to join the Counselors of Real Estate®, you must have at least 10 years of experience in a real estate related profession, with at least 3 of those years in counseling.

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Earn an Invitation

Membership in the Counselors of Real Estate® is invitation-based and includes brokers, appraisers, land planners, accountants, attorneys, property developers and managers, bankers, real estate account executives, and members from other disciplines.

Complete a Request for Qualifications

In order to begin the invitation process, you’ll first need to submit a request for qualifications. This application describes your qualifications and experience in your real estate counseling career.

Client and Peer Recommendations

Once you have submitted your Request for Qualifications, the Counselors of Real Estate® will reach out to your clients and peers to solicit recommendations and contact you for an interview. In these communications they are looking to establish that you have provided valuable real estate counselling services in your career and are recognized for excellence as well as knowledge, integrity, and judgment.

Improve Your Chances

Above and beyond your RFQ and recommendations, how can you stand out enough to receive an invitation to join the Counselors of Real Estate®? Demonstrate prominence in the profession, assume an extremely active role in the real estate community, have expertise in a specialty area, and a strong adherence to a Code of Ethics.


Membership in the Counselors of Real Estate® requires annual dues of $1750 as well as an initiation fee of $2500.


Members receive benefits beyond the distinction of inclusion in one of the profession’s most prestigious organizations. They receive a certificate presented in a public ceremony, an emblem pin, a personal host to guide their attendance at their first national meeting, and free registration for their second national meeting. Plus, members benefit from the networking that occurs across all levels of the organization and access to educational content.

Good luck! The Counselors of Real Estate® typically extend membership invitations twice a year, in spring and fall. Here’s to taking the next step in your career.

Krista Doyle

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