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You don’t have to take the traditional path. Here are a few other ways to use your Texas real estate license.
Looking for a way to supplement your income and enjoy flexibility? Consider becoming a real estate agent in Texas. It can be lucrative and mentally stimulating.
Don't quit! Save your real estate career with our tips.
Should you get your Texas Realtor license? Here are the pros and cons of being a Realtor in Texas.
Continuing your education as a Realtor is the best way to stand out from the rest.
If you’re an Austin area real estate agent, you can’t claim to hold a Realtor license without first joining the Austin Board of Realtors.
Often times real estate agent and realtor are used interchangeably, however, there is a difference. Learn more about the differences and how to get started.
This quick rundown of common realtor designations can help you decide which will give your business the biggest boost.
Want to own your dream home? Here are three unique companies looking to help you reach that goal.
Online retail giant Amazon recently paid $1.1 billion to acquire Ring, and they’re already expanding the product with the Neighbors app.
If you’ve watched the new “Queer Eye,” you’re probably unhealthily obsessed with the boys, just like us. What’s not to love? Check out our ranking of their best home makeovers!
Even if you take precautions to secure your home, sometimes, the unexpected happens. Here are the weirdest home invasion stories we’ve read.

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