If Real Estate Agents Had Tinder Profiles

You meet a lot of unexpected people on Tinder. The dating app attracts all types, which can be a good thing, except if you see someone from high school, an ex, or all of the above. It’s always nice to meet new people, from full-time pet parents to doctors on the go. It’s basically a mixed bag of professionals and… others.

Real estate agents need love, too, obviously, and with their skills, it’s actually pretty likely that you’ll find yourself swiping right.

A Tinder bio is supposed to say a lot about the user as a person, and luckily, in the case of real estate agents, describing oneself in a cleverly enticing bio can be as easy as coming up with the perfect listing. These are the different types of bios and agents you may craft or encounter while swiping on Tinder.

The Hustler

Bio: “You might not need a date, but you definitely need a house. Call me if you’re looking for the perfect match” Every other photo on their profile is a LinkedIn-style professional shot, interspersed with fun, casual selfies. They appreciate a good sale.

Opening line: “I find perfect matches every day, but you’re my best one yet!”

The Decorator

Bio: “Will fluff your pillows and send you color swatches.” Their pics aren’t so much about their appearance as they are about the setting, so look out for perfectly decorated, soothing spaces. They are definitely evaluating your taste based on your profile.

Opening line: “Where’d you get those throw pillows in your third pic? I need them for a house I just listed!”

The Social Butterfly

Bio: “Doesn’t matter which way you swipe, as long as you keep up with me on Instagram. #SellingDallas.” Their profile is full of Insta-ready snaps, all perfectly filtered, color coordinated, and impeccably done. They definitely seem very, very busy, so their Tinder is just an extension of their previously existing IG feed.

Opening line: “#Sorrynotsorry I never check this, maybe we could talk more on Insta?”

The Architect

Bio: “Don’t know which I’d rather build: a relationship or a home.” They’re pictured in several different, unique places, from a Victorian mansion to a modern museum of a home. Usually wearing flannel and/or a hard hat. Definitely the person to call if you’re hoping to get advice on a remodel before you sell and/or need an appraisal.

Opening line: “You look better than a freshly-restored mid century modern one-story house in the suburbs. What’s up?”

The Power Broker

Bio: “Austin’s top-seller of the year, five years in a row.” Check out their photos, all of which look extremely professional and very, very office-ready. Extra points if they’re wearing a suit that seems more expensive than your rent. Not as cocky as they seem, just confident.

Opening line: “How’s it feel to match with a winner?”

The High Roller

Bio: “Million dollar homes don’t sell themselves. Million dollar swipes don’t either. You know what to do.” This person definitely likes the flashy side of the business, but they’re probably also in search of someone to enjoy it with. Don’t let the cars or the pics intimidate you.

Opening line: “Dinner and drinks on me! Where to?”


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