How to Look Up Your Real Estate License in Florida

If you've recently completed your Florida real estate license course work and exam, it’s a good idea to verify your Florida real estate license online information before you start working in the field. Here is a quick five-step process to help you look up your Florida real estate agent license online.

Step 1: Log onto

Run by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR), is the easiest way to access all of your Florida real estate license information. It’s available to both the public and to the real estate community to give both colleagues and consumers full transparency when researching real estate agents.

Step 2: Choose Your Search Type

Once you go to the website, you’ll notice four ways to search: name, license number, city or county, and license type. Choose one. We suggest trying the name option and then clicking “Search."

A new page will come up. All you need to do is enter your first and last name and press “Search,” and your licensing information should show up. On the page where you enter your name, you can also search by organization or establishment name, license type, and category as well. However, your name is usually sufficient enough to get the results you're looking for.

Step 3: Review Your Information

On the search result page, you'll see your license type, license number, and your status. If you’re active, you'll also see the date your active license expires. The results also show the address of the brokerage with which you’re associated.

Step 4: Click on Your Name

You’ll also notice that your name is hyperlinked. Click on it to reveal more information about your licensing status. This new page likely won’t have much more information than what you’ve already seen, but it also has links to view “complaints” and “related license information.”

It’s a good idea to click through these links. If you’re new to the field and have just completed a Florida real estate course, you’ll want to make sure the information is clear and not confused with anyone else.

Step 5: Try a Different Search

To double-check to make sure your information is accurate and easy to find, it’s a good idea to go back to the home page and try to search by license number, city or county, or license type. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the other ways of finding your information and the site as a whole.

Take Your Florida Real Estate License Information Into Your Own Hands

Your Florida real estate licensing information is a matter of public record. When looking it up, make sure you are on a government-sponsored site like If you’re unsure about a site, don’t enter any personal information and reach out to the DBPR directly to ask questions. If you don't yet have your Florida real estate license... what are you waiting for? Work toward getting your Florida real estate license online by signing up with Aceable Agent today.

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