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The housing market behaves differently in the winter season than in the summer. Here’s what you need to know to protect your real estate business year-round.
First-time homebuyers may need help demystifying the homebuying process. Here are five ways you can help them.
Buying or selling a house in winter comes with a variety of pros and cons. Learn how it might affect your clients so you can best guide them through the process.
New real estate agents in Florida must complete post-licensing education after getting licensed. Learn what it is, the deadline, and where you can get it done.
Any of these schools will prepare you to acquire your Tennessee real estate license, but an Aceable class will take you even farther.
Keep you and your guests from getting sick at your open house by thoroughly disinfecting, wearing masks, and keeping your distance.
Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to share love with your clients, prospects, and community. Here are 5 ways to promote your business while you’re at it.
Learn more about the 5 steps for promulgated contracts, including identifying and creating the real estate transaction, comments, revisions, and submitting.
The 2021 Freeze didn't have a big impact on home sales in the Lone Star State. But Texas real estate agents now look for homes that can withstand the cold.
Wondering how much do real estate agents make in California? Here's everything you need to know about realtor earnings and how to get licensed.
As a real estate agent, you will have people asking you “should I buy a house?” Rather than giving an automatic “yes,” show them why homeownership makes good sense.
Normal weather patterns and climate change-fueled extreme weather events all have different effects on real estate prices and sales.

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