Georgia Real Estate Trends

Keep up to date with all things real estate in the peach state and find out what is trending to develop and grow in your real estate career.

From flooding to freezing to fires, climate change can harm home prices and communities. Here’s what real estate agents must know to keep sales strong, regardless of the weather.
Real estate agents can have huge earning potential by focusing on Augusta, Georgia. Opportunities abound in this small but rapidly growing city.
Before you jump into the exciting Georgia real estate market, there are a few things you should know about Georgia homeownership.
With a Georgia broker’s license, you have the freedom to practice real estate, hire other agents to work under you, and even open your own real estate brokerage.
Real estate agents should consider the hot Georgia luxury real estate market as a lucrative opportunity. Atlanta and Savannah are two growing luxury markets.
Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the United States. Here are some trends to pay attention to.
The Georgia Real Estate Exam includes national and state portions that will put your real estate knowledge to the test. Here's what you can expect.
So, how does Georgia measure up to the rest of the country?As a real estate agent in Georgia, it’s typical to want to compare your salary to your colleagues in the rest of the country. Real estate is a flexible career, and you could easily use your skills in other states if it means a higher salary for the same job. Check out how the Georgia real estate salary compares.
In 2021, Georgia houses are selling twice as fast as they did in 2020. Here’s how long it takes to sell a house in Georgia.
Take advantage of these tips and tricks to help you successfully complete your online Georgia real estate course.
Becoming a Georgia real estate agent is exciting, we have five steps that can help you jump start your career.
There are a many requirements to remember before you get your Georgia real estate license, but what exactly are they?

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