Mobile Apps for Real Estate Marketing

As a real estate agent, it's important to know what tools you have at your disposal to make you the most successful agent you can be. A huge part of a successful real estate career is being able to inform and engage potential clients. Whether it's video or photo editing, client information gathering, graphic creation or an app to get your continued education completed- there's a plethora of solutions right at your fingertips. Here are a few of our personal favorites. You can learn more about these topics with our continuing education courses covering Millennials in real estate and social media marketing .


Flipgram is a free app that allows you to easily make photo slideshows. This is perfect for creating property reels to show your clients available real estate options. Additional features include the ability to overlay music, add special effects, adjust the speed and timing of the slideshow, and draw directly on the photos for a personal touch. We love the clean layout and easy-to-use formatting of this app.


Hyperlapse can be used to speed up longer videos into bite-sized content pieces. The app has a stabilizing feature to ensure your phone-shot videos look as professional as possible. We love using this app to showcase home and property features and create previews of available real estate. Think of doing a whole house tour in 30 seconds! Hyperlapse is made by Instagram, so it interacts extremely well with the platform for easy uploads straight from the app to both Instagram and Facebook. This app is free to download and use.


Canva is another free application that can be used on the web or in app. This platform offers a wide array of pre-sized templates and designs that can be used for social media postings, fliers, website banners and more. You can access a ton of features in the free profile, and pay a small fee (usually $1) to use stock photos, premier templates and graphics. There is also the option to upgrade your account for access to features like the ability to create team branding kits, unlimited folders, and layout creators that you save and reuse. While the mobile app is great for last minute touches or downloading images to your phone, we've found that the web browser version is much more user-friendly. Try using this application to make open house fliers, social media graphics, or banners and side bars for your personal website.


AceAgent is still in the works, but when released will be the first-ever mobile app for real estate education. AceableAgent is putting real estate education right at the fingertips of those who need it. The online platform allows agents to quickly and easily complete courses right from their phones, tablets or computers. AceableAgent also offers coursework that prepares students for real-world scenarios setting students up to not only pass their certification exam, but be a successful agent for years to come.


Videolicious is one of the most useful video editing apps we came across for real estate marketing content. The app allows you to cut and edit video you've previously filmed on your phone, record personal messages, and layer audio and video easily with voiceovers and b-roll. Additional features allow you to add titles and captions with the tap of a finger to let your viewers know what property or information they're looking at. There is one catch. Videolicious has done away with their business and business plus plans. This leaves only the free version of the app which has limited effects and perks, or the option to subscribe to an enterprise version (usually through your brokerage for unlimited user accounts) for a cost that isn't listed online. The enterprise plan seems to be very personalized and could be a great tool for large groups. There are no mid-level account options for agents who aren't part of a brokerage with an enterprise account at this time.


Charlie is an application that gathers information and talking points about clients or any individuals you're meeting up with. This app will compile a one page report that includes their company news (especially helpful for commercial real estate), common connections, recent blog posts, common passions and competitor information. Knowing a little about your client prior to meeting with them will help you be more personal and connect with them faster. Creating a relationship of trust and rapport with your customers is helpful in growing your personal brand. Pricing for this application isn't listed readily online, but you can email the company for pricing options.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is well known for being the king of visual software applications with programs like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Clip is no exception. This program is free and allows you to easily cut and edit video, add effects, filters, titles, transitions, slo-mo effects, and lighting edits with the swipe of a finger. You can easily upload content directly to social channels from the app or transfer it over to Adobe Premiere Pro for additional features.

Filmora Go

Filmora Go is another photo and video editing app with full features. The ability easily integrates pre-recorded content so you can edit it, add filters, create animated title sequences. You can also change the speed of your video, add themes or filters, and even use a music catalog included on the app to bring your videos to life. Not a video expert? No problem. This app also has a series of pre-set themes that you can use to make sure your videos look professional and ready to show your clients.

While we find all of these apps to be useful and beneficial to real estate agents for a variety of reasons, we highly encourage you to do some research of your own and find the tools that work best for you. Getting certified as an agent isn't enough to be successful in the industry, you need to market your properties and yourself as an agent in order to build a client base and a resume you can be proud of. Check out the rest of our blogs for more information on how to stay on top of your game.


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