What is Covered in the Principles of Real Estate II Pre-License Course?

Now that you've completed your first online real estate course , it's time to move along to the next one. Principles of Real Estate II acts as an introduction to the industry and to the rest of your pre-license education, and should leave you feeling prepped and ready to take on the rest of your online real estate courses.

An extension of the first course, Principles of Real Estate II is the next course in line. The second course in this series takes a deeper look into the duties of a real estate agent and further strengthens your knowledge on the industry as a whole.

Let's dive into what you'll be learning in your next course, Principles of Real Estate II .

What do you learn in Principles of Real Estate II?

Here are the objectives you'll be working toward:  Understand the mathematics behind financing and closing transactions  Learn the appraisal techniques used by licensed appraisers and how to perform a CMA  Understand the various legal aspects of property management  Learn how to properly assess the legal obligations of titles and leases

Course Overview

The purpose of the first couple of courses is to strengthen your knowledge on the principles and foundations that make up the real estate industry. Without these fundamental tools in your back pocket, you won't have the basic knowledge to build upon when you learn about more processes, techniques and definitions further into your coursework, as well as your career.

Consider this course a continuation of the real estate education fundamentals that were presented in Principles of Real Estate I .

In this second foundational course, you'll begin to take a look at the financial and legal aspects that are involved in real estate. From transactional mathematics to property management laws, you'll be given detailed content that will prepare you for the real estate courses ahead which go into further detail on these topics.

Studying for PL Course


It's time to dig a little deeper into the role of a licensed real estate agent and learn about the ins and outs of certain processes that you'll experience on the job. One of the things you'll learn about in this course is the mathematics behind the transactions you'll handle, whether it's financing or closing. Numbers will be a major part of your day to day as an agent, and this section will give you a good idea of what you can expect. You'll also gain a better understanding of the legal side of property management as well as how to properly assess the legal obligations of titles and leases. In this course, you will also go over the appraisal techniques used by licensed appraisers, and you'll even get a chance to learn how to perform a CMA.

Throughout all of the online real estate courses that AceableAgent has to offer, we make sure you're staying as engaged as you are informed by providing content that's user-friendly, easy to follow along with, and can be taken at your own pace. With our course, you can be sure that you're receiving quality content that will fully prepare you to ace your state exam. Now, onto the next course !

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