Florida Real Estate Trends

Keep up to date with all things real estate in the sunshine state and find out what is trending to develop and grow in your real estate career.

Here's why 300,000 people have migrated to Florida and the features they are looking for when renting or buying their homes.
Texas and Florida are the most popular states to move to. Here’s what people moving to Texas and Florida need to know about homeownership in these states.
Real estate agents need to know Miami trends for 2022 to stay competitive in this fast-growing market. Here's what you need to know to start your real estate career in Florida.
Florida is experiencing a population boom, and these five cities are at the top of the charts. See the hottest places to move to in the Sunshine State.
Keep your Florida real estate license active status. Make sure to know the expiration date, and when and how to renew your license.
The average Florida agent makes pretty good money. But just how much? And how do Florida real estate agent salaries compare to the rest of the country?
Earning your Florida real estate license can open up many career paths. Learn what you can do once you're licensed in the sunshine state.
With a little planning and some consistent prospecting, your Florida real estate career will get the jump start it needs.
Ready to rock your Florida real estate pre license courses? Not so fast. Learn and implement these simple tips to set yourself up for success.
Which Florida cities grew the fastest in 2022 and which are poised for even bigger growth in 2023? Find out in our Florida real estate market guide for 2023.
Learn the difference between real estate agents and real estate brokers in Florida and learn what brokers do
The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) regulates the education requirements for real estate agents in Florida. Learn how it works and how to get licensed.

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