How to Earn the General Accredited Appraiser Realtor Designation

How to Earn the General Accredited Appraiser Realtor Designation

Beyond receiving your Realtor license, there are several ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd of real estate professionals. By earning your General Accredited Appraiser Realtor designation, you’ll show that you have completed education beyond that which is required for qualification as a general appraiser and have put in the effort to be outstanding in your field. This designation indicates to your clients that you adhere to the highest standards of the profession while continually educating yourself about the industry. Here is how to earn the General Accredited Appraiser Realtor designation:

Become a Realtor

In order to undertake the certification process, you must first receive your real estate license and be a member in good standing of the National Association of REALTORS or one of its affiliates, the institute of Real Estate Management, the Commercial Real Estate INstitute, the REALTORS Land Institute, the Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS, or the Counselors of Real Estate.

Be a Licensed General Appraiser

You must be licensed by your state as a general appraiser before you can become a General Accredited Appraiser. Check with your own state about requirements to become a general appraiser.

Gain Experience

General Accredited Appraiser Realtor designees must have at least 1000 hours of appraisal work experience beyond state certification requirements.


Complete 60 hours of tested course work above and beyond the Appraiser Qualification Board’s standard requirements. Any course you have taken that requires an exam at the end counts toward this requirement.


Once you have completed your experience and education hours, you can apply to become a General Accredited Appraiser. The application costs $100 and annual dues are $100.

Fast Track

If you are already a member of a qualifying appraisal organization, including the Appraisal Institute, the American Society of Appraisers, the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, the Appraisers Association of America, or others, you may be eligible to become a General Accredited Appraiser through the Fast Track program. In this case, your only other requirements are membership in the NAtional Association of REALTORS, a current state certified appraisal license, and the aforementioned qualified designation from a related appraisal organization. Apply and voila! You’re done.

What are the benefits of a General Accredited Appraiser designation?

Becoming designated as a General Accredited Appraiser provides several benefits. The National Association of REALTORS provides exclusive marketing materials for General Accredited Appraisers specifically designed to help you promote yourself. You’ll also gain access to webinars and be listed in directories as a General Accredited Appraiser.

Earning specialized designations like the General Accredited Appraiser designation or the Residential Accredited Appraiser allows you to expand your skill set, receive more education about the industry, and reach new clients. What are you waiting for?

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