3 Best Real Estate Schools in El Paso

Are you searching for the best real estate school El Paso has to offer? We got you.

Are you searching for the best real estate school El Paso has to offer?

With El Paso area real estate being such a promising career path, there are plenty of real estate schools available to help you complete your required classes, pass your Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) exam, get your real estate license, and start your new career.

With so many options available, how can you be sure you’ll select the best real estate school for you?

We’ve reviewed and analyzed real estate schools all over Texas to bring you the very best options. This report of the 3 best real estate schools in El Paso will help you decide which real estate school is the right fit for you.

The Criteria

But first, what makes a great real estate school? Here are the criteria we used to select and rank the schools on our list.

TREC exam pass rates. TREC exam pass rates are the percentages of students who pass the state real estate exam on any given day. TREC tracks the average pass rate, which is a low 62%. It is a tough test, after all. But TREC also tracks pass rates by real estate school, so you can see how the schools compare. As you’ll soon see, some schools do a much better job of preparing students for the exam than others. See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Quality of the Curriculum. Coursework should be easy to access, engaging, and pertinent to the topics the TREC exam covers. The quality curriculum makes the material easier to absorb and retain. So you learn more and can recall the information during your exam.

Pricing. Price isn’t the most important thing when choosing a real estate school. You’re not getting a bargain on your education if it doesn’t prepare you to pass the real estate exam. But you also shouldn’t ignore price completely. You’re making an investment in your education, so you are still looking to get a good value on that investment.

Reputation. Lastly, we considered each real estate school’s reputation, both in the local El Paso area and in the real estate industry as a whole.

With this set of criteria in mind, let’s see how the El Paso area real estate schools rank.

1. Aceable Real Estate School

That’s right; we’re number one! And no, not just because this is our list. Based on the criteria we just outlined, Aceable is objectively the best real estate school in El Paso!

Aceable is a next-gen real estate school, built specifically with the needs of the modern real estate agent in mind. Our experienced real estate professionals and Harvard-educated designers used the latest tech to create courses that are perfectly suited to your phone or tablet. Of course, you still get a great user experience from your computer as well, but who wants to be tethered to a desktop or lug around a laptop?

In the short time we’ve been on the El Paso real estate school scene, we’ve earned our reputation as the premier real estate school for the modern age.


The Aceable difference is immediately evident with one look at our innovative and engaging coursework.

As mentioned, our coursework is designed to be accessed from your mobile devices. In fact. we’re the only mobile-first course certified by TREC. Your real estate education is at your fingertips, wherever and whenever.

We also offer groundbreaking workshops, where you can learn subjects like contracts and real estate math in a hands-on environment. You’ll get practice drafting real estate contracts and running real estate calculations, just like you’ll do in your day-to-day work as a licensed agent.

If you run into any questions along the way, our team of real estate experts is available 7 days/week to help you.

And our pre-license courses all come complete with unlimited exam prep.

Our courses make the learning experience easy and enjoyable, which is probably AceableAgent students score higher on the TREC exam than any other students in Texas! Remember, that average exam pass rate is only 62%. But AceableAgent students? They have a pass rate of 78% 5,594 out of 7,176 students have passed! See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Our TREC exam scores speak volumes, but you should also hear from some students who’ve been through our courses:


With all these perks, you might expect AceableAgent to be one of the more expensive El Paso real estate schools. But nope!

Our Get Started package is available now for just $497 (regularly priced at $677).

This package includes your pre-license course bundle, unlimited exam prep, real estate experts to answer your questions 7 days/week, and free exam proctoring (that free proctoring alone will save you about $90!). It’s everything you need to pass your exam and get your real estate license.

AceableAgent’s Biggest Benefits:

  • Engaging coursework designed to work with your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Exam prep and proctoring are included at no additional charge.
  • Exceedingly high value for your investment.
  • Top-notch real estate experts and customer service reps.

Areas Where AceableAgent Can Improve:

Continuing education course offerings. We currently offer several CE courses, but not as many as we’d like. Being so new, some of our advanced courses are still in development.

Growing our student base. As the new kid on the block, we’re working to get our name out there so we can help as many agents (current and future) as possible.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for AceableAgent’s Students:

In case you missed it, AceableAgent’s average exam pass rate is 78%* (5,594 students out of 7,176 total registrants)! If your main concern is passing your TREC exam, AceableAgent gives you the best chance! See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Let’s see how the other El Paso area real estate schools compare.

2. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express has a solid reputation as a reliable online school. You may have heard of their parent company, McKissock Learning. McKissock offers licensing courses in everything from appraisal to home inspection.

Real Estate Express offers a full menu of courses for real estate licensing and continuing education at an affordable price.


The courses from Real Estate Express are known for being well-organized. The course outlines are easy to follow and make sense of the complex web of real estate topics. Information is also presented in a clear and concise manner that makes learning easier.

Unfortunately, the courses aren’t designed to be accessed from your mobile devices. Real Estate Express specifically recommends using a computer for “a better course experience”.

But the biggest issue is that some topics are not covered completely. Students report that not all topics on the exam are addressed in the course material. Naturally, it’s frustrating to go into an exam feeling like you have a solid grasp of the material only to find that whole topics are missing from your studies.


Real Estate Express’ least expensive option, the ‘Get Started’ Package, is currently priced at $484. But you’re probably going to want to upgrade to the next level because this package doesn’t include any exam prep. To improve your chances of passing the TREC exam, consider the ‘Exam Advantage Package’, currently at $519.

These prices are reasonable as they stand. But to give you an even better deal, Real Estate Express also often offers promo codes for discounts. These change constantly, so there’s no telling when a code will be available or how much money you could save.

One last thing: you’ll have to pay for your exam proctoring separately. It’s not included with Real Estate Express packages like it is with AceableAgent packages. Expect to pay around $90 for exam proctoring in the El Paso area.

Real Estate Express’ Biggest Benefits:

  • Clear and concise course materials.
  • Affordability.

Areas Where Real Estate Express Can Improve:

  • Modernizing the coursework. They’re missing the opportunity to provide a complete learning experience via mobile devices.
  • Exam prep should be included in every package. If you can’t pass the exam, what is the point of taking these real estate license courses?

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Real Estate Express’ Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for Real Estate Express’ students is currently at 60% (1,138 have passed out of 1,907 total registrants). This is nowhere near AceableAgent’s 78%. See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

3. Champions School of Real Estate

Established in 1983, Champions School of Real Estate is the longest-standing real estate school on our El Paso list.

Unlike AceableAgent and Real Estate Express, which focus on online self-paced courses, Champions is a campus-first real estate school. They have campuses in several large cities in Texas, and they offer live webcam courses for students in areas without a physical campus.


Champions’ students are consistently impressed with their instructors’ knowledge and ability to teach the material. Champions’ instructors have a reputation of excellence in the real estate industry.

Unfortunately, Champions doesn’t have a physical location in El Paso. But El Paso students can still use ‘Champions LIVE!’, which is like a virtual classroom. You simply log in to your virtual classroom at specified times, and the instructor presents live lessons via webcam. It’s a good option for people who learn best from real-time lectures.

Since many of today’s students need the flexibility of self-paced online courses, we also reviewed Champions’ self-paced online program.

This, sadly, is where Champions shows their age. Having focused on their live instruction, Champions hasn’t invested in the tech necessary for a quality self-paced online course experience.

A quick look at Champions’ website will demonstrate how outdated their tech is. Signing up for courses is a clunky process with unintuitive navigation. This may not be a big problem for students signing up for on-campus classes. But for online students, it’s a cause for concern. Even taking the Champions’ LIVE! Courses may be unnecessarily difficult with outdated technology.


Champions are more expensive than online real estate schools simply because schools with physical campuses and live instructors are more expensive to operate.

Champions LIVE! courses currently start at $980. This includes all the courses required to get your real estate license plus exam prep.

Strangely, the PDF-and-quizzes online courses also start at $980. There is no difference in price whether you’re on campus, LIVE!, or online.

Champions’ Biggest Benefits:

  • Live instructors are great for those who learn better from real-time lectures.
  • Exceptional course instructors and responsive staff.

Areas Where Champions Can Improve:

  • The technology is outdated.
  • The courses are expensive.
  • The online courses can’t compare to other El Paso real estate schools, and they certainly aren’t worth the price.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Champions’ Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for Champions’ students is currently at 61% (12,788 have passed out of 21,102 total registrants). This is surprisingly low, considering that Champions is so expensive and that exam prep is included. See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, you want to choose the El Paso real estate school that offers the best possible results. You’re investing your time and money in your real estate education so you can pass your real estate exam, get your real estate license, and launch a successful career.

If you want to get the best possible results, while enjoying an interesting curriculum at a reasonable price, you need Aceable Real Estate School! Start your real estate career today by making Aceable your real estate school!

TREC state exam pass rate data as of August 2021. See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.