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Colibri Real Estate is a well known real estate school nationwide. Learn more about Colibri Real Estate and their courses, and how they compare to Aceable. Let us help you jumpstart your new career with some of the best education possible.

If you're considering getting your real estate license and have started conducting research on online real estate schools, you may have discovered our course here at Aceable (Provider #701048). But you may be wondering, how does our online real estate school compare to the rest?

Let's take a look at the breakdown of our course another course, Colibri Real Estate (Provider #4727). Take a look at our course overview below.


If you're looking for flexibility and accessibility, then look no further than our online real estate course. Our course is designed to be taken whenever and wherever works best for you. Take your courses on any device at a time that fits into your schedule. Because we all lead busy lives, right? We want to make sure that your pre-licensing experience is as seamless and valuable as possible which is why we make it easy to fit your education in whenever and however you can.

We also provide plenty of support throughout your experience, whether it's through our Student Concierge team, our unlimited exam prep, or instructor support, to ensure you're prepared for your state exam and beyond.

TREC exam pass rates:

This metric tells you how many students pass their real estate exam based on what real estate courses in Austin you took. As of January 31, 2024 only 58% (23,207 passed / 40,321 taken) of first-time test-takers pass the Texas real estate exam. See the current TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

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Colibri Real Estate:

Colibri Real Estate, formerly known as Real Estate Express, is a sister school of, McKissock Learning. While McKissock focuses on online learning for appraisal, home inspection and engineering in addition to real estate, Colibri Real Estate focuses solely on real estate.

Those who are embarking on a new career path can take the pre-license course, while those who already have their license can try their continuing education courses. According to one of their FAQs on their website, while their course can be taken on a mobile device like an iPad, they recommend using a computer for a better quality experience.

Colibri Real Estate pass rate: 56% (710 passed / 1,266 taken) as of January 31, 2024. TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates

Aceable Course Features:

We're dedicated to providing the most accessible pre-licensing course with features that best support you. We understand everyone has a unique learning style, which is why we created our course packages to make sure they can tailor to you.

Our basic package contains:

  • 180 pre-licensing course hours
  • Course Narration
  • Exam Prep
  • Instructor Support
  • And more!

Colibri Real Estate Course Features:

To begin your real estate licensing journey with Colibri Real Estate, you'll likely start with their The Basics package. This features instructor support and digital flashcards but doesn't come with exam prep. To receive support with your exam preparation you can upgrade to one of their “Exam Preparation” packages as of December 6, 2021.

Here's what you get with their basic package:

  • 180-hours of pre-license courses
  • Instructor support
  • Digital flashcards
  • 3 real estate e-books

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Student Support


While our course is designed to be as easy to understand as it is accessible, we understand that questions will still come up. That's why our team is ready to help you out in any way we can, seven days a week by phone, email or chat -- whatever is easiest! Once you complete your required hours, we have faith that our unlimited exam prep will leave you feeling more than ready to pass your state exam. But if you happen to need another try, rest assured that your money will not go to waste.