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To pass the Texas real estate licensing exam, you will need to be knowledgeable on both state and national information with a real estate fundamentals practice test. Let us help you ace your state exam with this free real estate license course’s practice exam, and get you started on your real estate career today!

Can You Answer These Texas Real State Exam Questions?

See how many answers you can get right in this sampling of Texas real estate exam questions.


Question 1:

What is a main function of the Texas Real Estate Commission?

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Free Texas Real Estate Practice Exam Quiz

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Try our free real estate practice test questions to test your knowledge about real estate to get a feel if this is the right career for you.

Have you taken the course, and are nervous about your upcoming exam?

These questions are a mix of state and national questions that you expect to see on the Texas state exam in some form. This quiz will help define some key understandings on how to master your abilities to take the test, and get a feel for what is on the Texas real estate exam.

Aceable’s Texas Pre-License Exam Prep

Once you buy Aceable’s Texas Pre-License Course, you will find that we offer amazing prep tools to help you pass the state exam.

The Texas Real Estate Exam consists of two portions covering state and national fundamentals. Aceable’s course contains built-in tools like content review and practice test questions that will help you prepare for your exam.

Review Content: All six pre-license modules include a succinct review of all the major state and national subject areas covered on the exam.

Practice Tests: Get access to 160 total questions that you might see on the real estate licensing exam. With unlimited practice test attempts, you can feel confident you'll understand all the criteria needed to ace the exam!

Here is what you should expect on the Texas State Exam:

State Exam Prep

The state exam covers Texas-specific topics you learned throughout the six pre-license courses. You can try your hand at unlimited practice exams that feature Texas material only. Each test will contain 30 questions and have a maximum time limit of 1.5 hours, just like the state portion of the real licensing exam. If you are just wanting to try your hand at the test before taking it, you can purchase the individual exam prep course with combined learnings of the national and state exam as a resource!

Here are the Texas topics we will help you practice for:

  • Commission duties and powers
  • Licensing
  • Standards of conduct
  • Agency/brokerage
  • Contracts
  • Special topics

National Exam Prep

The national portion of the real estate practice test helps you review all the major national subject areas you'll see on the licensing exam. We will hit all the high points and of course, you'll get unlimited practice exams that focus on the national subjects. The time limit for an 80-question national practice exam is 2.5 hours. We'll review important topics from all six pre-license courses, including:

  • Real property characteristics, legal descriptions, and property use
  • Forms of ownership, transfer, and recording of title
  • Property value and appraisal
  • Real estate contracts and agency
  • Real estate practice
  • Property disclosures and environmental issues
  • Financing and settlement
  • Real estate math calculations

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