Find the Best Online Real Estate Courses in New York

Getting a New York real estate license all starts with passing the pre-licensing courses. It doesn’t matter if you have a high school diploma, college diploma or no diploma at all. You still have to complete a state-approved 77-hour salesperson qualifying education course.

Lucky for you, real estate courses can now be completed online. That means you can knock them out at your own pace whenever your schedule allows in the comfort of your own home. So the real question is, which New York online real estate school is the best?

Let’s take a look at how AceableAgent stacks up against two other top-rated online real estate schools in New York to figure out which one is the best fit for your future career.

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1. AceableAgent

We may be the newest online real estate school to be approved by the New York Secretary of State, but our best real estate license course NYC were built by highly experienced pros. Our team includes seasoned real estate agents, professional writers and Harvard-educated instructional designers that know how to make learning fun.

One of the things that sets Aceable apart is our 100% mobile courses. They’re designed so that you can complete the best online real estate course NY from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It’s a seamless experience that syncs across all devices using the desktop site or app. That’s right we have an app!

As a thoroughly modern online real estate school, we don’t bombard you with text. Our 77-hour NY real estate course includes videos and interactive features to keep you engaged. If you want a guaranteed sale within 90 days of getting your license you can take advantage of the Career Kickstart package. There are a number of other training courses that set students up for success in their new career, and the Ultimate Exam Prep Course is included with all pre-license packages.

AceableAgent’s biggest perk: Fully mobile-friendly online real estate courses with the Ace or Don’t Pay Guarantee.

*AceableAgent’s current student state exam pass rate:** 80% overall

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2. Real Estate Training Center

Real Estate Training Center (RETC) has graduated 50,000 students since 1989. Most of those students took an in-person course, but RETC also offers online courses. Since RETC is over 25 years old they have a lot of knowledge and resources to pass on, but it’s a bit old school. However, their real estate license NY online courses do include videos and quizzes.

The instructors at RETC are all industry professionals. RETC has also partnered up with The New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI), another well-established education provider, to share physical classroom space. While you will get all the education you need to pass the proctored and state exam for an affordable price, their packages are pretty bare bones. You’ll get a few extra textbooks with the Premium Package but that’s about it.

RETC’s biggest perk: Brokerage firm placement assistance.

*RETC’s current student state exam pass rate:** 100% (statistic from their most recent class only)

RETC could use some work on: Outdated info and costly extensions. A few students have noted that the information on the online courses seems a bit dated, although the course specifics should cover the knowledge needed to pass the licensing exam. It’s a common problem among online real estate schools that have been around for a while

As one Yelp reviewer pointed out, you’ll also get hit with hefty fees if you don’t complete the courses in the required 4-month time period.

3. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express offers pre-licensing courses in a number of states, including New York. The company has earned a 4.4 out of 5 after nearly 400 reviews, largely because they cover the basics with short modules. But the coursework is mostly text, so get ready to read.

The upside to Real Estate Express is the competitive rates. However, paying a little less comes at a price for students that plan to use mobile devices. While the desktop version looks good, Real Estate Express is only mobile-friendly. They don’t have a dedicated app, which can make things difficult to navigate when you’re on a phone or tablet.

Real Estate Express’ biggest perk: You can contact instructors by phone or email.

*Real Estate Express’ current student state exam pass rate:** 78% overall

Real Estate Express could use some work on: Adding interactive elements and letting students move at their own pace. Real Estate Express’ online courses are text-heavy, which many students don’t like.

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