How do I build up a network to sell to?

How should you network as a real estate agent? Let us show you.
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One of the best ways to build up your network and get new leads is “farming”. Real estate farming is when you specialize or become an expert in one (or a few) specific neighborhood(s) or geographic region(s). When you concentrate on a small area, this allows you to build relationships with and gain the trust of the people in that area. That can lead to consistent clients and leads!

AceableAgent offers a continuing education course on real estate farming, a complete video course instructed by Jason Edwards, a real estate success coach with 13 years of experience as a top-producing agent who at one point owned 90% of the listings in his neighborhood. He’s spent 15 years on the road as a motivational speaker and a success coach, helping his students out-product their peers by an average of 227%.

Here are some of Jason’s tips:

Do Community Outreach

If you focus your efforts on a specific neighborhood, this opens the doors for unique outreach opportunities. Immerse yourself in the community by volunteering at events, sponsoring a booth at a local farmer’s market, and attending committee meetings to get to know leaders of that area. By being an involved member of the community, it’ll put your name on their radar as a trustworthy and kind person to go to for their real estate needs. It’ll help you build relationships and generate leads. Think about it. If you had a specific question or problem, you generally tap into your network for help and recommendations. If you become part of every resident’s network as the go-to real estate agent for that area, it’s going to be a goldmine!

Have a Social Media Presence

It’s the digital age, so it’s absolutely necessary to have social media to do well. You can be discovered by those in and outside your community through hashtags and geotagging. Figure out what hashtags people are using to promote or engage with their neighborhood and hop on that bandwagon! You can also set up a Twitter query to scan for tweets posted near a certain location or that mention a specific town or neighborhood. A great way to take users on a virtual tour of neighborhoods or available properties is to use YouTube or Snapchat. You can also promote your website or blog through social media. Know how to do it right and watch the leads roll in.

Start a Website

When creating a website, target it toward a specific neighborhood in order to rack up your views quickly. Offer consistent, relevant content on your website, whether it’s through a blog or an email newsletter. It has the potential to turn you into that neighborhood’s real estate expert. Targeting your website toward a specific neighborhood is one of many SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that you could use because interested buyers and sellers will Google for real estate agents in that particular neighborhood. You want your name at the top of the search results!

Want to know more? Sign up for AceableAgent’s “Be the Neighborhood Expert: A Video Course with Jason Edwards” to learn even more about generating a constant stream of referrals and repeat business through neighborhood farming. Jason goes in-depth on mastering geographical farming, avoiding key mistakes other agents make when trying to set up a farm, and how to apply a proven marketing system to help drive listings. You get the same advice his private clients pay hundreds for at a fraction of the price. This course is also worth three continuing education credits. It’s a great way to get a leg up on your new real estate career!