Why Teachers Make Great Real Estate Agents

Maybe you’ve invested years in educating the next generation and are ready to pursue a new passion. Or, maybe you’ve entered the field recently, only to find that teaching isn’t quite what you expected. Either way, if you’re ready to shift to a new career path, where you can use many of the skills, personality traits, and principles that made you a successful educator, there’s one career you need to consider: real estate!

True, real estate agents aren’t dealing with classrooms of kids, but they are constantly educating buyers and sellers. And they’re helping people establish a brighter future through homeownership.

Let's look at four reasons teachers make great real estate agents. And then we’ll show you how to get from parent-teacher conferences to open houses in no time!

4 Reasons Teachers Make Great Real Estate Agents

1. They’re Flexible.

Teachers learn to adjust schedules, give their students a bit of agency, and alter classroom plans to meet changing learning conditions. Just as teachers have to be willing to switch it up to succeed, so must real estate agents. Whether it’s a scheduling conflict or a particular home feature, teachers know how to meet changing priorities and put their students’ — and clients’ —  needs first.

2. They Have Strong People Skills.

Teaching means dealing with people every single day. At any moment, you might need to call a parent, talk to a student, or work with school administrators, each of whom may require a different method of communication to be effective. Similarly, real estate agents regularly communicate with people of all backgrounds and personality types.

Having the empathy and communication skills to work with people is one of the reasons why women dominate both career paths. An estimated 74.3% of all teachers are women, and two-thirds of all REALTORS are women

3. They’re Organized.

Teachers know keeping all the details in order is crucial for success. Real estate agents also value this principle, wearing multiple hats as business owners. You’ll need to keep documents secure, clients in order, and schedules maintained. It’s not exactly a lesson plan, but strong organization is the unsung hero behind every successful sale.

4. They’re Dedicated.

Any teacher will tell you they give their all to their job, and not just because they get a paycheck. Being a teacher means wanting the best for those you’re educating — and sometimes that takes a lot of hard work or a few extra hours. Like education, real estate is a career you can put as much of yourself into as you like. Unlike education, in which there's typically no financial reward for going above and beyond, harder work in real estate typically translates into a bigger paycheck thanks to the commission-based pay structure.

How to Transition from Teacher to Real Estate Professional

Moving from education to real estate might be quicker and easier than you expect. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1: Complete Your Required Real Estate Course

Each state requires prospective real estate agents to complete a real estate course. It can take just a few weeks or a few months to complete your course, depending on your state and how quickly you work through the material. 

Step 2: Pass Your State Exam

To show your state’s licensing board that you know your stuff, you’ll need to pass your real estate exam. You’re no stranger to exams, but you should still check out our study tips to give yourself an edge come test time. 

Step 3: Complete Your Real Estate License Process

The exact license application process looks a little different from one state to the next, but you can expect to complete a real estate license application with your state board. And you’ll likely need to choose a real estate broker to supervise your work. Your broker can also be an invaluable source of information as you start your new career! 

How Teachers Get a Head Start in Real Estate

Here are a few quick tips for leveraging your work history in education to get your real estate career off to a good start:

  • Leverage your wide network of personal connections.  Your former colleagues, students’ parents, and even students themselves are all potential buyers and sellers! Let people know about your career change and see if they need your help.

  • Put your planning and organization into action by creating a business plan. Your real estate business plan will help you organize all your thoughts on managing your new real estate business, from marketing to finance to operations.

  • Use your teaching experience to create content. “Content marketing” is all about providing valuable information to potential clients. As an educator, you're perfectly equipped to create mini-lessons for buyers and sellers that can generate leads for your new business. Create digital “lessons” you can post on social media, share via digital newsletters, and publish via the blog on your website.    

Make a move From Classroom to Real Estate Today!

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Updated 4/16/23

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