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There's a long list of reasons to love The Evergreen State. There's an equally long list of reasons to consider a career in Washington real estate. This guide has everything you need to get your Washington real estate license or to grow your existing real estate business.

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What is on the Washington Broker Exam?

The required real estate courses are designed to help you learn what it’s like to work as a broker in Washington and prepare you for the licensing exam based on the 24-page Candidate Handbook. Learn more on what’s on the Washington real estate exam and what you can expect on test day..

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What's the Cost of a Real Estate License in Washington?

Working as a real estate broker in Washington can be a lucrative career but before you can start selling real estate, you’ve got to invest a little upfront yourself. Learn more of what it costs to get a Washington real estate license.

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Can I Get a Washington Real Estate License with a Criminal Record?

Can you get a Washington real estate license with a criminal record? The answer to that question is, maybe. The Washington State Department of Licensing will delve deep into an applicant’s background to determine if they’re approved to get a real estate license.

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Real Estate School & Licensing

What Courses Are Required for a Washington Real Estate License?

You may not need a college degree to get a real estate license in Washington, but you will have to take the required education courses. Which courses you have to take depends on what type of license you’re trying to get and if you’re renewing it.

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Do I Need A Degree To Become A Real Estate Broker In Washington?

Selling real estate in Washington is complex. There are many, many laws that have to be followed precisely and comparables that have to be analyzed to determine list price or what offer to make. Learn more on the requirements to become a real estate broker.

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Real Estate Continuing Education

How To Renew Your Real Estate License in Washington

It's that time! You’ve had your Washington broker license for two years and now you’ve got to renew to keep it active. Here’s how to make sure you get your license renewed before it expires.

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How to Get Your Washington Real Estate License

Washington state is a little different in terms of real estate licensing. Instead of having agents and brokers there are brokers and managing brokers. So if you want to sell real estate in Washington you’ll need to get a brokers license.

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Life As A Real Estate Agent

Steps to Becoming a Property Manager in Washington

The homeownership rate in Washington is gradually climbing out from under the recession. It's at about 63% as of March 2020. But that still leaves a good chunk of the population out of a real estate agent's potential customer base.