Real Estate Classes During COVID-19 Pandemic: Online vs In-Person

As businesses continue to reopen in certain parts of the country, every state's regulations are different. During the pandemic, many students had to rely on online real estate courses to earn their real estate license. But now, real estate schools across the country are finally being given the go-ahead to hold physical classes.

If you're interested in becoming a real estate agent, here's a breakdown of how well-known real estate schools are handling the transition back to in-person classes.

Benefits of Online Real Estate Courses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the current environment, safety is a top benefit of taking online real estate classes. With online courses, students and instructors don't risk any unnecessary exposure and can socially distance.

Online real estate classes help students by:

  • Not being in a school. No matter how many precautions are in place, being inside a building with others is still a higher risk environment than being at home.

  • Offering more stringent safety measures. You won't need to interact physically with others or share surfaces.

  • Avoiding unnecessary fees. Students who miss in-person classes may incur fees.

Despite real estate schools taking precautions, virtual learning still remains the safer of the two options.

"Remote learning and virtual classrooms are a better solution for some parts of the country experiencing high rates of transmission, says Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Real Estate School Reopening on a National Level

As real estate schools reopen, they're relying on safety procedures to keep students and staff safe. 

Take, for example, national real estate school Kaplan Real Estate Education. It canceled all in-person classes indefinitely. For students who had already registered for in-person classes, the school is providing other options including self-study, virtual live online classes, or asynchronous online classes.

Real Estate School Reopening on a State Level

Like any school that is reopening, real estate schools are required to implement a number of safety protocols ranging from wearing masks to charging fines. How are individual schools on a state-level handling COVID-19? Let's take a closer look.

In-Person Real Estate School Reopening Plans in Texas

Champions School of Real Estate, based in Texas, has instituted a number of safety protocols, including:

  • Checking the staff's temperatures twice daily and requiring them to wear PPE. Acrylic "sneeze/cough" guards are on the instructor's desks.

  • Requiring students to take their temperature daily.

  • Moving classroom desks six feet apart.

  • Charging a $15 missed class fee if students do not call in advance to cancel their seat in the class.

In-Person Real Estate School Reopening Plans in California

CA Realty Training, which provides pre-license coursework in California, reopened in-class training in only two of its locations. The other locations remain closed. To attend in-person training, students must:

  • Maintain social distance.

  • Wear a face mask.

  • Sign a liability form.

In-Person Real Estate School Reopening Plans in Georgia

The Georgia Real Estate School, which offers both online and in-class courses, has shifted entirely to virtual learning. The Georgia Real Estate School holds its virtual courses to the same standards as in-person classes. Students will have to meet the same requirements as if they were attending class in-person, including participation and attendance standards.

In-Person Real Estate School Reopening Plans in Florida

One Blue Real Estate School, in Florida is holding in-person courses but follows the Center for Disease Control's COVID-19 guidelines. The school is taking a number of safety measures:

  • Every classroom table has a three-sided shield.

  • Masks are mandatory.

  • Reduced class sizes.

  • Strictly enforced social distancing.

  • Sanitized surfaces throughout the day.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are throughout the campus.

  • Everyone must take a temperature screening and wash hands upon entry.

If you're looking to begin a new career as a real estate agent, consider taking online real estate courses for flexibility, convenience, and safety. You have the ability to learn at your own pace, in the safety of your own home, while still having access to the resources and guidance you need to be successful. 

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